Hypnotic Worker
[hip-not-ik wur-ker]

a professionally minded hypnosis practitioner utilizing tested, proven strategies for personal transformation, breaking the barriers beyond arm-chair- philosophy and theory. A Hypnotic Worker is a modern artist of personal change, confidently and competently guiding their clients toward positive outcomes in the most effective and efficient use of their time.

Grow your skills. Get better results.

No longer get “stuck” working with new clients.

Check out some of what you will learn:

what_is_hypnosisRethink how you think, speak, and communicate about hypnosis. As you learn how to reframe your client’s presenting issue as already being a hypnotic phenomenon, you empower your client to use their own hypnotic skillset for “good” rather than evil.”

workshopping_sessionYou perhaps already know several inductions, know a lot of good methods to create change … but how do you put it all together? This segment will help you rethink how to work in an effective stream-of-consciousness format utilizing only your CLIENT as the script.

Most hypnosis sessions are “won” or “lost” in how they conclude. Learn how I harness the hypersuggestibility of the hypnotic ritual to motivate compliance, action, and personal change.

Hypnotic depth is a controversial category, and I’ll share with you the methods, principles, and tested strategies I’ve used with thousands of paying clients to guide them to the appropriate levels of hypnotic depth for transformative change.

It’s not just about some new “scripts” or techniques.
It’s about making all of your hypnosis more effective.

Learn even more in an ever-growing library:

Most tactics for change are too focused on finding out “what’s wrong” with the client. Imagine how empowered your clients will become as you focus on “what’s great” about them, harness the skills into an incredible resource, and associate them into their change.

If you think you know how to do the Dave Elman Induction, think again. As you experience this training in a process-oriented format, it will empower you to think differently about all hypnosis inductions and methods. This content doubles as a master class in hypnotic tonality.

Instant inductions are a vastly misunderstood concept. Whether you currently use these methods or not (yet), you will learn the methods I’ve used to IMMEDIATELY guide clients into profoundly deep hypnosis … in a matter of seconds!

Imagine what happens when you kinesthetically change the realities of your client’s issue so well that they cannot recreate their non-resourceful states. This module will help you to rethink all methods of personal change in a better, contextual format.

Age regression ain’t just about “finding the cause.” You’ve never seen age regression taught in this amount of detail before! Learn each aspect of this strategy in a step-by-step format to empower the use of these strategies far beyond hunting down ISEs and providing insight.

…and much, much more!


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