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Session #125

Session #125 – Helen Mitas on Hypnotic Success

Helen Mitasof Melbourne, Australiais a leading Clinical Hypnotist and mindset expert who specializes in beating anxiety and helping with weight loss. She is the founder of Hypnofit and the author of Mindset Dominance. She has taken the concept of mindset to a wider audience while building a successful business based on hypnotism. Helen joins me...
Session #124

Session #124 – Alan Sands on COMEDY Hypnosis

Alan Sands is a stage and comedy hypnotist who has been performing since he was a kid. Allen grew up watching his father's hypnotism show and after some early attempts, he was called back to performing and learning about hypnotism and is now one of today’s top comedy hypnotists. Alan joins me to discuss some of...
Session #123

Session #123 – Stephanie Conkle on Hypnotic Depth Discoveries

Stephanie Conkle is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Success Coach at ClearLife Results. She had an early introduction to hypnotism, starting with her dad, but didn’t really discovery the power of hypnotherapy until after she became a life coach and needed to overcome her fear of flying. In this episode, we discuss how Stephanie grew to...
Session #122

Session #122 – How to Be a Good Hypnosis Student

Empower your own hypnosis education. Have you ever wondered why some people rave about a certain workshop while others didn’t like it? It all has to do with the frame of reference. This concept is especially applicable to education and learning. Learning hypnosis is no different. Getting yourself into a better frame of mind to...
Session #121

Session #121 – James Hazlerig on Hypnotic Laughter

James Hazlerig is the author of The Little Book of Laughnosis, an excellent tool that uses intentional laughter to effect change in hypnosis clients. He recently launched an online training course on laughnosis and will soon launch a remarkable app that will help peoplealter the course of theirday for the better. James joins me today...
Session #120

Session #120– Ines Simpson on Hypnotic Foundations

Ines Simpson returns to the program today to share the hypnosis tool she discovered called the Simpson Protocol. Ines endured lifelong chronic pain prior to discovering hypnosis. She began experimenting with hypnosis for meditation, practicing every day for a year and by the end of the year, her pain was gone. Through her personal experience...

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