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Session #134

Session #134 – Explode Your Hypnosis Business with Online Videos

Make it rain! Marketing is a critical part of growing your hypnosis business, and there are many ways you can offer your services in today’s digital age. Online videos are often one of the most overlooked marketing strategies across many industries, but especially in the hypnosis world. This strategy is the one that can truly...
Session #133

Session #133 – Paul Ramsay on Hypnotic Innovation

Paul shares his journey into stage hypnotism, his experiences and how they have influenced him, and his transition from stage hypnosis to clinical hypnosis. Paul started his career as a Resident Hall Director at his Alma Mater before launching his successful hypnosis career. Even though Paul had been exposed to stage hypnotists for a good...
Session #132

Session #132 – Richard Nongard on Thinking Bigger

Richard Nongard is a Certified Professional Hypnotist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has authored books, videos, and professional education material and has used his 20 years of experience to train many professionals that come from extremely diverse fields. On today’s episode, Richard and I discuss how to better serve your clients and...
Session #131

Session #131 – Freja Njorden on Sensual Hypnosis

Freja Njorden is a master hypnotist, EFT practitioner, mindscaper, bodyworker, and consultant who specializes inhelping clients with sexual issues. For the last thirteen years, Freja has been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality. On today’s episode, Freja explains how she was introduced to hypnosis and her shift from traditional practices to those of...
Session #130

Session #130 – Thomas Safrin on Law Enforcement NLP

Thomas Safrin is a former law enforcement officer, instructor of NLP specific to the applications to that of a police officer, emergency responder, and other related fields. He is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has done hypnosis trainings relating to forensic, pain control, emergency hypnosis. He's also an internationally recognized and respected...
Session #129

Session #129 – Truly Memorable Stage Hypnosis

By popular demand, listen to the replay of the Genuine Fun: Make Your Stage Hypnosis Truly Memorable webinar with myself plus stage hypnotists Michael DeSchalit and Tommy Vee. This webinar received such fantastic comments and feedback that I wanted to share it with you! Michael has been a stage hypnotist for 16 years, with high...

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