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Session #138

Session #138 – NLP for Athletes

Listen to this podcast session, and discover how being a horrible soccer player at six-years-old somehow led to a career helping professional athletes improve their mental game. Click Here to GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Video and Transcription Resources Step inside of this live presentation called “NLP for Athletes” from my October 2017 presentation at...
Session #137

Session #137 – Jason O’Callaghan on Hypnotic Fishing Lines

Jason O’Callaghan originally worked as a journalist before he dove head first into psychology and then hypnosis. Jason has a Masters in Psychology, and is the only known practicing hypnotherapist in Ireland to have one. He is also qualified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trained as a Certified Instructor by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and...
Session #136

Session #136 – Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2017 Keynote

Back from an incredible trip to the Chicago area, here is my keynote titled “Changing at the Speed of Thought” from the 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. This was a great event reconnecting with friends, meeting new ones, and being honored to receive MAHC 2017 “Hypnotist of the Year” award. In this presentation, I share that...
Session #135

Session #135 – Cris Johnson on Hypnotic Homework

Cris Johnson is a stage hypnotist, one-on-one clinician, founder of the Niagara Falls Hypnosis Center, and enjoys working with elementary children by performing at school assemblies or doing library shows. He has performed roughly 200 shows a year for almost 20 years. Cris speaks regularly at the NGH Convention and is constantly working and getting...
Session #134

Session #134 – Explode Your Hypnosis Business with Online Videos

Make it rain! Marketing is a critical part of growing your hypnosis business, and there are many ways you can offer your services in today’s digital age. Online videos are often one of the most overlooked marketing strategies across many industries, but especially in the hypnosis world. This strategy is the one that can truly...
Session #133

Session #133 – Paul Ramsay on Hypnotic Innovation

Paul shares his journey into stage hypnotism, his experiences and how they have influenced him, and his transition from stage hypnosis to clinical hypnosis. Paul started his career as a Resident Hall Director at his Alma Mater before launching his successful hypnosis career. Even though Paul had been exposed to stage hypnotists for a good...

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