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Session #256

Session #256 – Dave Elman Induction for Change

When you consider that change happens at the speed of thought, you may begin to wonder if you need to use long, drawn-out inductions or whether you can motivate change through the induction itself. Can you use an instant induction? How do you layer multiple inductions in quick succession to consistently help your clients enter...
Session #255

Session #255 – Amber Cox on Medical Coaching

Amber Cox joins me today to discuss medical coaching, raising the bar, and promoting the hypnosis profession. She shares what emotional intelligence is and its importance in helping people with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Amber reveals the hypnotic and NLP techniques that she coaches doctors to use to raise the client experience and find...
Session #254

Session #254 – Melissa Tiers shares 3 Anti-Anxiety Techniques

Melissa Tiers joins me today to share three anti-anxiety techniques, how anxiety is a habit, and why she gives clients the tools to understand their position and interrupt habitual patterns. Melissa shares how and why her anti-anxiety techniques work and shares a demonstration of each technique. She describes why quieting mental dialogue and language dissociation...
Session #253

Session #253 – Zach Pincince on How to Get 100-Million Views in One Month

Zach describes the step-by-step process he uses to harness social media and why you need to focus on using TikTok, the social media app that is hot right now, to reach a wider audience. Zach also reveals how the willingness to fail and learn is key to developing your hypnosis skills and finding success. He...
Session #252

Session #252 – Michelle De Lude on Powerful Metaphors

Michelle De Lude joins me today to discuss utilizing the words that people say to craft powerful metaphors. She reveals the power of our conversations when we ask the right questions, interrupting old ineffective stories, and negative language patterns to empower new results. Michelle shares her method for building metaphors and the homework she gives...
Session #251

Session #251 – Amye Scharlau on Hypnosis for Hot Flashes

Amye Scharlau joins me today to discuss hypnosis for hot flashes. She shares how she uses hypnosis for her stage show in addition to helping women who are going through menopause. She highlights why it is vital to use the client’s language with them and the positive domino effect that hypnosis can trigger. Amye also...

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