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Session #230

Session #230 – Steve Woods on Mobile Hypnosis

Steve Woods joins me today to share how his mobile hypnosis business takes hypnotism into people’s homes. He describes the advantages of performing hypnosis in the homes of clients and reveals how you can use environmental distractions to your advantage. He highlights why hypnotic phenomena and finding the client’s motivation for change are vital. He...
Session #229

Session #229 – Mailin Colman on Hypnotic Resilience

Mailin Colman joins me today to share how hypnotherapists need hypnotic resilience to continue having a healthy career. She reveals the multiple sides of resilience and shares why compassionate detachment is essential. Mailin describes what to expect at the AHA World Conference and highlights the networking opportunities that will be available. She also shares how...
Session #228

Session #228 – Jon Cook on Brain Chemistry for Messaging

Jon Cook isn’t a hypnotist, but he hypnotically influences people to take action through his powerful copywriting skills. Jon joins me today to share how to use brain chemistry for messaging. He reveals which words to target for releasing specific brain chemicals in your audience’s minds and bodies. He highlights how you can ethically use...
Session #227

Session #227 – Patricia Eslava Vessey on HypnoKinesthetics

Patricia Eslava Vessey joins me today to share the techniques of HypnoKinesthetics, a system that pulls together the mind and body with movement and NLP. She describes how this system helps to motivate the real changes that people are looking to make in their lives and shares her 30-years of experience while working in challenging...
Session #226

Session #226 – Angie Hernandez on Hypnotic Blogging

Angie Hernandez joins me today to share her story of starting her own business and why hypnotic blogging is essential for hypnotherapy practitioners. She reveals why hypnotherapy continues to engage her every day and describes her approach and techniques for working with anxiety. Angie highlights a few strategic ways to get your first 100 clients...
Session #225

Session #225 – James Tripp on Hypnosis Without Trance

James Tripp joins me today to share his story and his methodology of “Hypnosis Without Trance.” He reveals how he is working with clients in a non-formal way, using improvisation and non-verbal suggestion. James describes how hypnotists can deal with perceived failure through client engagement during hypnosis sessions. He also highlights how he is harnessing...

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