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Session #216

Session #216 – Martin Castor Peterson on One Session Wonders

Martin Castor Peterson joins me today to share how you can produce a significant and massive change in one session. He shares the situations where conversational hypnosis strategies create one session results. He stresses the importance of focusing on the intention over the behavior and why you should use positive alternatives to achieve true change...
Session #215

Session #215 – Lance Baker on Hypnotic Features & Benefits

Lance Baker joins me today to discuss the features and benefits of hypnosis and shares how Reiki and other arts of healing changed his life for the better. He discusses the energy side of hypnosis and what sets it apart from other forms. He also shares how he applies his talent in sales when healing...
Session #214

Session #214 – Lori Hammond on Going Live

Lori Hammond joins me today to share how she is going live on Facebook to offer value up-front and scale her business. She reveals what her Facebook Live events look like and the benefits of building rapport in the process of encouraging effective personal change in her weight loss niche. She also shares how group...
Session #213

Session #213 – Michael DeSchalit, the Virtual Hypnotist

Michael DeSchalit joins me today to share the opportunities of being a virtual hypnotist. He reveals what it is like to see clients virtually and online, including the negative and positive elements compared to running a face-to-face hypnosis practice. He shares the technologies and software that make a virtual practice a possibility and touches on...
Session #212

Session #212 – David Snyder on Persuasion Power

David Snyder joins me today to share techniques you can use to boost your persuasion power. He reveals how to be more influential by using conversational hypnosis while taking on personas that will affect the emotional state of your client. He also shares examples of client conditioning for compliance and explains the research behind power...
Session #211

Session #211 – Howard Cooper Ruins a Magic Trick

Howard Cooper joins me today to ruin a magic trick that he has been using in response to client questions such as ‘What do I do if this wears off?’ and ‘What do I do if this stops working?’   Howard Cooper is a rapid change consultant, hypnotist, and founder of Rapid ChangeWorks where he...

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