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Session #347

Session #347 – The All-Positive Pretalk Encore

Today, I share an update to THE ALL-POSITIVE PRETALK. I reveal the concepts behind the hypnotic pretalk and highlight why it is essential to talk about what is going to happen instead of what is not going to happen. I share why each statement is included in the process and describe the intention of each phrase. I...
Session #346

Session #346 – The Easy Way to Six-Figures for Hypnotists

As hypnotists, we often talk about the concept and goal of achieving a six-figure business. The outcome that we are seeking is a highly successful business that is serving you in terms of being profitable and paying for your lifestyle while serving many clients and helping them produce some outstanding results. Achieving six figures will...
Session #345

Session #345 – Expanding Your Hypnosis Business

When things are at their best, it is time to consider and act upon what has to happen to scale and grow your business over time. Scale is a word that is gaining popularity around the world, although sometimes, it needs to be stopped and explained because to scale something is different from one business...
Session #344

Session #344 – Howard Cooper on Metaphors to Release Anxiety

Howard Cooper is one of the UK’s leading Rapid Change Therapists, a Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Thought Field Therapist, and the Founder of Rapid ChangeWorks. He has 19 years of experience helping more than 2,500 people make rapid shifts in their thinking. Howard spent two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically-acclaimed...
Session #343

Session #343 – Kryssa Marie Bowman on Near-Life Experiences

Kryssa Marie Bowman is a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist focusing on Transformational Therapy and methods that provide lasting freedom from emotional, physical, and psychological issues. Kryssa’s approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Between Lives and Regression Therapy, and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis. She completed the Rapid Transformational Therapy Certification Program and has a Bachelor’s of Applied...
Session #342

Session #342 – Brian Eslick on Cracking the Hypnotic Marketing Code

Brian Eslick is a Hypnotic Performer, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH), and Certified Stress Management Consultant. He is the author of Inside Hypnosis and has starred in his own off-Broadway show in New York City. Brian previously served twenty years in the United States Air Force, seeing combat during the Gulf War. He later studied and...

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