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Session #160

Session #160 – Serena Stone on Hypnotic Transformations

Serena Stone is a sought-after keynote speaker, event facilitator, corporate entertainer, and professional stage hypnotist. For several years, she has performed on various stages and at dozens of corporate events across the country, including at America’s Got Talent, Six Flags Great America, and the main ballroom of the Venetian Hotel. Serena joins me today to...
Session #159

Session #159 – Mohammed Sheikh on Hypnotic Realities

Mohammed Sheikh is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Master Hypnotist, and the founder of Coach the Mind - a coaching business that utilizes hypnotic techniques to equip his clients with personal development strategies to transform their lives through fast and positive change. The many hours he designated to educating himself earned him...
Session #158

Session #158 – Sheila Granger on Local Business Opportunities

Sheila Granger is a well-known, international clinical hypnotherapist. The Federation of Small Businesses recently granted her the award Exporter of the Year for the impact that she’s creating locally and globally. Sheila has been recognized for changing lives -- the result of working with her on personal transformation. Sheila joins me today to share how...
Session #157

Session #157 – A Stage Hypnosis Career

Stage hypnosis can be a very effective way to promote yourself and build a profitable hypnosis business. While preparation is essential, spontaneity and knowledge about the structure as well as the ins and outs of a stage hypnosis program are crucial to delivering a great, successful performance. In this episode, I share how to harness...
Session #156

Session #156 – The Future of Hypnosis Training

Join me as I share specific seven thoughts and ideas regarding where I see the education of the hypnotic process advancing in the coming years. For a process that has only been called “hypnosis” for less than 150 years, we’re too “young” of a profession to fall prey to “that’s how it’s always been done.”...
Session #155

Session #155 – Tim Horn on Hypnotic Collaboration

Tim Horn joins me today to share how he utilizes his learning and experiences from his varied background in his hypnosis practice. He shares some interesting insights on how the theatrical thinking impacted his work with his clients and how his experience as a professional educator influenced his mindset on how to help clients be...

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