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Session #177

Session #177 – Felix Economakis on Hypnotic Responsibility

Felix Economakis is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotist who has been working in private practice since 2007. He specializes in treating a range of conditions from phobias and anxiety to eating disorders, with a particular focus on Selective Eating Disorder (SED). His work has been featured by many UK media outlets, and he...
Session #176

Session #176 – What if Your Client Falls Asleep?

SLEEP! Get ready to learn actionable strategies I have used to prevent clients from falling asleep as well as the strategies I have used to wake them up. I explain the difference between hypnosis and sleep and the signs you can watch for to assess whether a client is awake or not. I also explain...
Session #175

Session #175 – Scott Sandland on Scriptnosis or Hypnosis

Scott Sandland joins me as we examine how as hypnotists evolve and how the practices and concepts they believe in tend to change over time. We discuss the ongoing dialogue about whether hypnosis scripts are good or bad and where he falls on the issue. He also describes the craftsmanship of the hypnotic process and...
Session #174

Session #174 – Kelley T. Woods on Mindful Hypnosis

Kelley T. Woods joins me today to share some of the lessons she has learned from working with kids and how she uses parents as props during her sessions. We discuss the value of working with clients from the mindset of an educator instead of a facilitator of change and she describes how the fact...
Session #173

Session #173 – Janet Thomson on the Power to Change

Janet Thomson shares how she combined nutrition and hypnosis into one holistic program to help clients struggling with weight loss and healthy eating. She shares how she incorporated tapping protocols and NLP into her coaching practice and the strategies she uses to help her clients avoid self-sabotaging behaviors. She also shares the hypnotic creative process...
Session #172

Session #172 – Rick Green on Hypnotic Confidence

Rick Green joins me today to discuss what it means to be confident in our process with clients and how we can achieve that confidence. He explains how using skills from a previous career or life experience can be useful in your practice and shares how he incorporated hypnosis techniques and strategies into his trainings...

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