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Session #224

Session #224 – Roy Hunter’s Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy

Roy Hunter joins me today to share his four cornerstones of successful hypnotherapy. He describes the benefits approach and reveals the foundation of client-centered hypnosis, which can be used when you experience subconscious resistance. Roy describes each of the four cornerstones of hypnotherapy and shares working examples of each. He highlights why it is vital...
Session #223

Session #223 – Jodi Scholes on the Business of Bodywork

Happy FIVE YEARS of the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast! Thanks to all the guests so far, and YOU, the listeners! Jodi Scholes joins me today to share how the Business of Bodywork helps entrepreneurs own their zip code and find financial stability. She highlights why it is vital to build relationships, integrity, and trust through...
Session #222

Session #222 – Roberta Fernandez on Hypnotic Emotional Resolution

Roberta Fernandez joins me today to share her work on pain management through Hypnotic Emotional Resolution. She describes how every client can get a degree of pain relief through hypnosis techniques and visualization. She also highlights why it is vital to learn and practice as many techniques as possible and never to stop learning. Roberta...
Session #221

Session #221 – Roger Moore on Hypnosis for Dementia

Roger Moore joins me today to share his work on hypnosis for dementia. He describes how he works with people who have cancer, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases and the highlights the benefits of short-session self-hypnosis. He shares his first experiences of working with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, using favorite memories and music, and...
Session #220

Session #220 – Anthony Galie on A New Theory of Hypnosis

Anthony Galie joins me today to share a revolutionary new theory of hypnosis, based on the role of mutual inhibition. He reveals how consciousness is always competing with trance-like behaviors and identifies the types of people who are most likely to respond to suggestion. Anthony describes the role of chemical switches on the hypnotic trance...
Session #219

Session #219 – The All-Positive Pretalk 2.0

Today, I share an update to THE ALL-POSITIVE PRETALK. I reveal the concepts behind the hypnotic pretalk and highlight why it is essential to talk about what is going to happen instead of what is not going to happen. I share why each statement is included in the process and describe the intention of each...

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