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Session #343

Session #343 – Kryssa Marie Bowman on Near-Life Experiences

Kryssa Marie Bowman is a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist focusing on Transformational Therapy and methods that provide lasting freedom from emotional, physical, and psychological issues. Kryssa’s approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Between Lives and Regression Therapy, and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis. She completed the Rapid Transformational Therapy Certification Program and has a Bachelor’s of Applied...
Session #342

Session #342 – Brian Eslick on Cracking the Hypnotic Marketing Code

Brian Eslick is a Hypnotic Performer, Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH), and Certified Stress Management Consultant. He is the author of Inside Hypnosis and has starred in his own off-Broadway show in New York City. Brian previously served twenty years in the United States Air Force, seeing combat during the Gulf War. He later studied and...
Session #341

Session #341 – Graham Webber on Hypnotic Service

Graham Webber is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Trainer & Coach, and the Owner of Graham Webber Hypnotherapy. Graham has served in the British Army for eighteen years as a Vehicle Mechanic and Military Training Instructor. He began learning hypnosis to complement his magic skills and later made a move to therapy, helping clients with...
Session #340

Session #340 – The HEART of a TEACHER

I often create space on my calendar so that people can speak to me and get their questions answered about the various training events, such as WorkSmartHypnosis Live and the ICBCH Train the Trainer Program. I also do this to hear what people’s goals are and why they are signing up for events - to...
Session #339

Session #339 – Jim Zboran on Perceptual Remodeling

Jim Zboran is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, Personal Development Life Coach, and Owner of Entire Mind Advantage Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the American Hypnosis Association and Hypnotherapists Union and earned an honors endorsement for academic excellence on his diploma from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. He was previously an ordained minister, retiring in...
Session #338

Session #338 – Joni Brewer on Positively Charged Hypnosis

Joni Brewer is a Coach and Consulting Hypnotist at Brewer Hypnosis where she works with clients who desire to be healthy. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Smoking Cessation Specialist with the North American Academy of Hypnosis, and a Board Member and President of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. Prior to...

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