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Session #299

Session #299 – Stephanie Skiba on Scaling Success

Stephanie Skiba joins me today to discuss scaling success in your business. She shares what works and what doesn’t and highlights the importance of communication, transparency, and honesty. Stephanie discusses her experiences with booking sessions remotely and the organizational structure of scaling a training or educational event to reach a global audience. She also shares...
Session #298

Session #298 – Nanci Adair on Artistic Recovery and Independence

Nanci Adair joins me today to share her story of helping artistic people through recovery to find independence. She shares what can happen when we start to run our own show and get respectfully picky on which clients we choose to work with. She discusses dealing with family, addiction, and substance abuse issues and reveals...
Session #297

Session #297 – Chantelle Neufeld from Cult to Freedom

Chantelle Neufeld joins me today to share her journey from cult to freedom. She shares how she became a therapist following family losses and her approach to working with clients who have trauma, anxiety, and codependency issues. Chantelle reveals how language patterns can be used for good or evil purposes and shares how hypnotherapists can...
Session #296

Session #296 – Be Hypnotic with Richard Nongard

Funny story. Richard Nongard and I were on a call together talking about hypnosis. Like you do. And the topic got so good, we stopped everything, and recorded this week’s episode. How can you live hypnotically? What does it mean to stop DOING HYPNOSIS and instead BE HYPNOTIC. We discuss hypnosis without the premise of...
Session #295

Session #295 – Hypnotic Language Hacks

You know your business can change people’s lives… but don’t yet have the right words to inspire them to take action. Imagine the changes you can create as you empower a few Hypnotic Language Hacks for maximum business effect. Think about what that would create for you… Today, I share a preview of the first...
Session #294

Session #294 – Juan Acosta on Dental Hypnosis

Juan Acosta joins me today to discuss dental hypnosis and how to connect with dentists and the dental team. Juan shares his perspective as someone working on the inside and shares what you need to know about networking with any medical profession. He highlights why it is advantageous to shift your perception of what you...

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