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Session #329

Session #329 – Advertising- To Pay, or Not to Pay?

You have a lot to figure out in the early days of running your hypnosis business. This was the case for me, and while I became highly successful and launched a six-figure business seeing clients in my first full year, over time, we learn new things that are incredibly worthwhile. While you can grow your...
Session #328

Session #328 – Shelly Jo Wahlstrom on Feeding the Brain

Shelly Jo Wahlstrom is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Amino Acid Specialist, Certified Recovery & Nutrition Coach, and the Owner of Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition and Shelly Jo Hypno LLC. She is the author of Feed Your Brain Change Your Life: Take Control Of Your Brain, Body And Emotions, and the upcoming book: From Crazy to...
Session #327

Session #327 – 12 Episodes You May have Missed

With more than 300 plus episodes, the podcast archives include a wealth of solo episodes and guest interviews with names you know from the convention circuit, and names you don’t because they have been busy doing the professional work of hypnosis. Within this portfolio of shows, there are several that you - as a new...
Session #326

Session #326 – Professional Boundaries

For the most part, the work that we do as hypnosis professionals is relatively straightforward and not that complicated. However, there is a minority of incidents where you will need to set professional boundaries. Perhaps you need to select the scope of practice and manage your time in advance, so you don’t run into challenges....
Session #325

Session #325 – Dave Elman Legacy Global Zoom Conference

I almost always begin my hypnosis sessions with the Dave Elman induction. Not just because it works, but because it teaches the client and myself to always think in a process-oriented approach. This methodology sets the framework of: now we have done step one, we can move on to step two, and so on. This...
Session #324

Session #324 – Derry Cooke on Remodelling Hypnosis

Derry Cooke is a Hypnotherapist, IAPCH member, and the Owner of HypnosisWorks, a hypnosis practice based in Whangarei, New Zealand where he specializes in helping people who have experienced trauma. By working with people through their trauma, he has committed himself to learning and internalizing other people’s methods and, over time, making them his own....

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