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Session #165

Session #165 – Kate Beeders on Tapping into Breakthroughs

Kate Beeders helps entrepreneurs and professionals discover the very thing they are brilliant at to speed up their success. She specialized in business development and marketing during her 16 years in the corporate world. She has helped countless professionals through her Money Acceleration System, her program Conversations to Clients, and her book Go Or Don’t...
Session #164

Session #164 – Nick Ebdon on Hypnotic Dialogue

Nick Ebdon is an entrepreneur, results coach, hypnotherapist, and the founder of NE Results Coaching & Business Consultancy Services. He is the former Executive Director at the Wall Street Investment Bank, Morgan Stanley, and continues to work with private companies and investors as a coach and trading consultant. He is also a Risk Manager dealing...
Session #163

Session #163 – Hypnotic Collaboration with Sean Michael Andrews

Sean Michael Andrews joins me this week to discuss hypnotic collaboration and how we incorporate new techniques with the hypnotic processes we typically use. We share how to customize the hypnotic process to each client, and why it is important to understand their motivation to achieve powerful and transformational change. We also discuss how to...
Session #162

Session #162 – Your Hypnosis Office

an office to conduct your business is often the first significant decision nearly every entrepreneur needs to make. While this bold move may sound exciting - there are several factors you need to consider. Today, I am sharing a mini-module from my program Hypnotic Business Systems about finding the right office space for you and...
Session #161

Session #161 – Hypnotic Client Resources

In this episode, I’m sharing the different ways of providing ongoing support to your clients through hypnotic resources. I’ll share technology tools and resources you can consider implementing in your hypnosis practice and a simple approach to streamline various processes in your business. I’ll also explain how to make sure that your clients are listening...
Session #160

Session #160 – Serena Stone on Hypnotic Transformations

Serena Stone is a sought-after keynote speaker, event facilitator, corporate entertainer, and professional stage hypnotist. For several years, she has performed on various stages and at dozens of corporate events across the country, including at America’s Got Talent, Six Flags Great America, and the main ballroom of the Venetian Hotel. Serena joins me today to...

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