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Session #275

Session #275 – Prevent Burnout in Five Steps

Even when your income is good, you might feel frustrated with the shape your business is taking and are looking for a way to change things up. If you are feeling bored with doing the same thing day in and day out or haven't found the success you desire, then burnout could be on the...
Session #274

Session #274 – Curtis Ryals on HypnoEthics

Curtis Ryals is the owner of HypnoEthics, which provides formal ethics training and consultation for hypnotherapists. Curtis is also the owner and Director of the Madison Hypnosis Center, where he has been practicing hypnosis since 2002. He previously worked as a bio-ethicist and research specialist at the University of Wisconsin. Curtis is a certified professional...
Session #273

Session #273 – Emma Romano on Massive Action

Emma Romano joins me today to share how massive action and bringing the client into the process can create immediate change in clients who feel stuck. She shares why it is essential to bring the client into the healing process to overcome emotional charges and limiting beliefs. Emma also reveals the issues she is helping...
Session #272

Session #272 – Teaching Hypnosis Online

Learn hypnosis… online! Richard Nongard joins me today to discuss teaching hypnosis online, as 2020 becomes the year of the online experience. We share what online teaching offers that face-to-face training does not and the advantages of having access to information prior and post-training. We discuss how online interactions with trainers and co-trainees enrich the...
Session #271

Session #271 – Karl Smith on Direct Hypnosis

Karl Smith joins me today to share the power of delivery through the direct model of hypnosis. He shares how, rather than using the long path of ambiguity and metaphoric stories, he goes straight in and deals with the subconscious brain, which is the part of the brain that drives us. He shares how his...
Session #270

Session #270 – Priming with Hypnotic Convincers

Get ready for a complete lesson in compounding hypnotizability! CLICK HERE FOR THE "HYPNOTIC PRIMING" TRANSCRIPT When working with new hypnosis clients, it’s important to set the stage for true hypnotic success. This is especially true when working with clients who have never experienced the power of hypnosis before, who may be hesitant or disbelieving...

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