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Session #207

Session #207- Steve Miller on FATnosis

Steve Miller is the Founder of the FATnosis program and a mindset and motivational weight loss master. As a pioneer in weight loss hypnosis, he has been helping clients since 2002 from his practice in Birmingham. He is the author of three books and the TV host of Fat Families. He is a Distinction Graduate...
Session #206

Session #206- Persuasion Principles for Hypnotic Businesses

Persuasion is a vital tool and technique for any hypnotic business. Without it, it is much harder to motivate a buying decision. Without rapport, credibility, and authority it is unlikely that you will reach the threshold where a prospective buyer of your services becomes convinced that you hypnosis business is the right fit to help...
Session #205

Session #205- Victoria Marie Gallagher on Practical Law of Attraction

Victoria Marie Gallagher is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and the Founder of Hyptalk.com LLC, one of the first online hypnosis companies. She is the author of Practical Law of Attraction, a Number 1 bestseller on Amazon in eight categories. As a student of metaphysical and personal growth concepts since 1986 and a Women’s Leadership and...
Session #204

Session #204- Jon Dwoskin on Executive Time

Jon Dwoskin is a business coach, author, speaker, and the Founder and Chief Executive of the Jon Dwoskin Experience. Jon has extensive experience in helping businesses grow and he has made a career out of his passion for creative thinking, personal development, and growing companies. He provides critical guidance to help businesses decide on the...
Session #203

Session #203- Derek Chapman on Awesome Hypnosis

Derek Chapman is a Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Mind Coach, and the Founder of Grimsby Hypnotherapy, a practice dedicated to helping people control their anxiety, fears, and addictions. He is a practitioner in NLP, Psy-Tap, Time Line Therapy (TLT), and KS, and has helped thousands of clients find happiness. He is a master of mirroring language...
Session #202

Session #202- Melissa Tiers on Integrative Hypnosis Updated

Melissa Tiers is the Founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis and has a hypnosis practice in New York. She is an educator in Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Integrative Hypnosis and a teacher for The International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Melissa was a recipient of NGH’s 2014 President’s Award for her excellence in the field....

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