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Session #197

Session #197 – Tracy Barrett Adams on Hypnotic Expectations

Tracy Barrett Adams is the Founder of Cornerstone Hypnotherapy; a practice focused on medical hypnosis. She helps clients suffering from insomnia, migraines, and other painful chronic conditions. She is a certified childbirth educator and fertility consultant as well as a clinical and complementary medical hypnotherapist. She is also an instructor for the International Medical and...
Session #196

Session #196 – Lynn Thier on Emotional Fitness

Lynn Thier is the founder of Peak Performance Academy and is passionate about helping people shed their unwanted physical and emotional weight. She employs the power of the unconscious mind using techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy and the Emotional Code. She is a trainer of NLP techniques and the author of the...
Session #195

Session #195 – Work Smart Business – The Power of Premise

Discover the first chapter of my upcoming book launch, WORK SMART BUSINESS. I share my story and how I went from startup to scale-up to create a multi-six-figure income. I describe easy to implement principals of how I’ve done it with the goal of showing how you can harness these strategies to create your own...
Session #194

Session #194 – Rick Paddock on MindFlipping

Rick Paddock is the founder of Milwaukee Hypnosis Center, a practice dedicated to helping people make positive life, health, and career changes. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor, a Certified Life Coach, public speaker, and author of books such as Can Hypnosis Help Me Perform Better? and Can Hypnosis Help Me with...
Session #193

Session #193 – De’Anna Nunez on Waking Up Your Best

De’Anna Nunez is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach, Certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and peak performance expert. She has twenty years of experience and has conducted more than 2,000 keynote presentations and shows for conferences, special events as well as corporate events for leadership and sales teams to increase productivity, performance, mindset, and motivation. Additionally, she...
Session #192

Session #192 – James Brown, the Professional Opportunist

James Brown is The Professional Opportunist and the co-founder of the POWA Academy. He is a speaker, performer, and hypnotherapist with twenty years’ experience as well as the author of the book The Professional Opportunist Wrongness Approach. James performs and teaches with a unique blend of skills that include magic, theatrical pickpocketing and hypnosis. He...

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