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Session #194

Session #194 – Rick Paddock on MindFlipping

Rick Paddock is the founder of Milwaukee Hypnosis Center, a practice dedicated to helping people make positive life, health, and career changes. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor, a Certified Life Coach, public speaker, and author of books such as Can Hypnosis Help Me Perform Better? and Can Hypnosis Help Me with...
Session #193

Session #193 – De’Anna Nunez on Waking Up Your Best

De’Anna Nunez is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach, Certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and peak performance expert. She has twenty years of experience and has conducted more than 2,000 keynote presentations and shows for conferences, special events as well as corporate events for leadership and sales teams to increase productivity, performance, mindset, and motivation. Additionally, she...
Session #192

Session #192 – James Brown, the Professional Opportunist

James Brown is The Professional Opportunist and the co-founder of the POWA Academy. He is a speaker, performer, and hypnotherapist with twenty years’ experience as well as the author of the book The Professional Opportunist Wrongness Approach. James performs and teaches with a unique blend of skills that include magic, theatrical pickpocketing and hypnosis. He...
Session #191

Session #191 – NLP Business – Chunking Up & Chunking Down

Hypnotherapists can find it a challenge to promote and sell their services or close the sale when the client is in front of them. It is advantageous to learn how to book clients during their initial consultation to increase business success, while also setting the client on the journey towards achieving their goal. Using the...
Session #190

Session #190 – Freddy Jacquin on Hypnotherapy

Freddy Jacquin is the founder of Freddy Jacquin Hypnotherapy and the author of the book Hypnotherapy: Methods, Techniques, and Philosophies of Freddy Jacquin. In 1999, he created the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, which he now runs in partnership with his renowned son, Anthony Jacquin.  He is also the creator of The Arrow Technique, a method that...
Session #189

Session #189 – Hypnotic Outsourcing

Balancing your work life with your personal life, while maximizing the profit of your hypnosis business, is something that many professionals find hard to do. For a lot of people, this usually leads to missing out on their children growing up, working through holidays or losing the profit potential of their business.  The superhero syndrome...

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