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Session #173

Session #173 – Janet Thomson on the Power to Change

Janet Thomson shares how she combined nutrition and hypnosis into one holistic program to help clients struggling with weight loss and healthy eating. She shares how she incorporated tapping protocols and NLP into her coaching practice and the strategies she uses to help her clients avoid self-sabotaging behaviors. She also shares the hypnotic creative process...
Session #172

Session #172 – Rick Green on Hypnotic Confidence

Rick Green joins me today to discuss what it means to be confident in our process with clients and how we can achieve that confidence. He explains how using skills from a previous career or life experience can be useful in your practice and shares how he incorporated hypnosis techniques and strategies into his trainings...
Session #171

Session #171 – Karen Hand on Hypnotic Freedom

Because you’re listening to this podcast, you can effortlessly and easily discover new ways to enjoy it! Karen Hand returns to the show today to discuss the benefits of abandoning the use of hypnotherapy scripts when working with clients. She explains how being flexible in sessions and listening to a client’s needs can help ensure...
Session #170

Session #170 -James Hazlerig on Real Results from Imaginary Events

James Hazlerig is a certified hypnosis practitioner, trainer, keynote speaker, the founder of Harmony Hypnosis and the organizer of the Austin Texas Hypnosis Practice Group. He has edited and co-authored numerous books on hypnosis, including Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton H. Erickson and has taught a multitude of training courses on mental...
Session #169

Session #169 – Troubleshooting the Dave Elman Induction

The Dave Elman Induction is a hypnotic process developed by Dave Elman. This technique is famous for its method called pyramiding. It is a process where you stack several hypnotic inductions - one on top of the other - to provide multiple hypnotic experiences within three to four minutes to get a desired result. In...
Session #168

Session #168 – WSH168 – Hena Husain on Hypnotic Balance

Hena Husain is a Certified Hypnotherapist and the founder and director of Balance for Life where she helps people deal with addiction, fears, and personal issues so they can live a much better quality of life. As a multi-disciplinary hypnotherapist, she specializes in hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), pain management, core releasing, and power of...

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