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Session #291

Session #291 – Melissa Conkling on Hypnotic Communities

Melissa Conkling joins me today to discuss building hypnotic communities and share her experience of accidentally becoming hypnotized and training for a career in hypnosis. Melissa shares her strategies for working with weight loss by creating an identity shift and building confidence to help clients realize that change is possible. She reveals the nuances of...
Session #290

Session #290 – Barry Neale on Parts, Smoking, and Value

Barry Neale joins me today to share why it is essential to gather knowledge through good education, a continuation of training, and by putting your hypnosis skills to use. Barry shares insights into how to break out of the perpetual student role to be a professional student while helping others and doing the professional work...
Session #289

Session #289 – If I Had to Start All Over – Part 2

Where we end up in our businesses is not necessarily where we began. Building a strong, sustainable,and profitable business is a journey. There are nuances to running a business, a time to pivot and focus on your niche and a time to scale. Making the right choices at the right time can be the difference...
Session #288

Session #288 – Michele Rosenthal on Trauma Release

Michele Rosenthal joins me today to discuss trauma release and share her passion for helping people resolve their trauma faster and easier. Michele highlights the importance of building a community around a cause related to your business and niche. She shares how she prepares people for client centered work and the three phases of trauma...
Session #287

Session #287 – Howard’s Marketing Epiphany

Howard Cooper joins me today to share his marketing epiphany. He shares how you can streamline processes so you are not sending out the same email or doing the same mundane tasks over and over again. He discusses the easy-to-fall-into trap of being too short-term focused, which will prevent you from building a more successful...
Session #286

Session #286 – End of the Funnel Positioning

You can build your hypnosis business by following philosophies and strategies and refining the things you do. With a new focus on what is bringing people in, you can go after what is driving your business. Building a successful hypnosis business begins by assessing what you can do to serve the client better and get...

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