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Session #220

Session #220 – Anthony Galie on A New Theory of Hypnosis

Anthony Galie joins me today to share a revolutionary new theory of hypnosis, based on the role of mutual inhibition. He reveals how consciousness is always competing with trance-like behaviors and identifies the types of people who are most likely to respond to suggestion. Anthony describes the role of chemical switches on the hypnotic trance...
Session #219

Session #219 – The All-Positive Pretalk 2.0

Today, I share an update to THE ALL-POSITIVE PRETALK. I reveal the concepts behind the hypnotic pretalk and highlight why it is essential to talk about what is going to happen instead of what is not going to happen. I share why each statement is included in the process and describe the intention of each...
Session #218

Session #218 – Moving Virginia Hypnosis

Today, I share my story of the recent office move of Virginia Hypnosis. I reveal why it was critical for me to move my office space and share insight into the decision that many businesses owners have to make; whether to buy or rent an office space. I explain the advantages of buying versus renting....
Session #217

Session #217 – Marian Spurgeon on Organic Trance

Marian Spurgeon joins me today to share her hypnosis approach of working with clients through an organic trance. She reveals how and why she works without scripts and highlights the ways in which she frames hypnosis and the trance state during the pre-talk. She shares her experiences of working with people with chronic illnesses and...
Session #216

Session #216 – Martin Castor Peterson on One Session Wonders

Martin Castor Peterson joins me today to share how you can produce a significant and massive change in one session. He shares the situations where conversational hypnosis strategies create one session results. He stresses the importance of focusing on the intention over the behavior and why you should use positive alternatives to achieve true change...
Session #215

Session #215 – Lance Baker on Hypnotic Features & Benefits

Lance Baker joins me today to discuss the features and benefits of hypnosis and shares how Reiki and other arts of healing changed his life for the better. He discusses the energy side of hypnosis and what sets it apart from other forms. He also shares how he applies his talent in sales when healing...

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