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Session #313

Session #313 – Get Out of Your Own Way – aka ‘Goodbye Virginia Hypnosis’

As I record the last show for the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast from an empty office in Virginia, I reflect back on how my story has unfolded. From beginning my journey as a stage hypnotist to seeing clients and opening my own practice to launching the podcast, speaking at conferences, and teaching students - my...
Session #312

Session #312 – Leon Sankofa on Filling the Gaps

Leon Sankofa is a renowned Social worker, Clinical Therapist, hypnotist, and the Founder and CEO of Family & Youth Foundations, a community-based mental health agency. He has dedicated over thirty years to working with families and youths in areas of substance abuse, mental health, and school social work. Leon holds a Master of Social Work...
Session #311

Session #311 – Chris Lemig on True Nature Hypnotherapy

Chris Lemig is a Self Esteem Hypnotist and the Founder of True Nature Hypnotherapy. After initial struggles with chronic depression, addiction, and alcoholism, Chris traveled to India and became an Ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk before returning to America and starting a career in hypnotherapy. He is the author of the acclaimed book The Narrow Way:...
Session #310

Session #310 – Life of a Product

Many people in the hypnosis industry are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. It can be easy to find yourself stuck in the model of dollars for hours, serving one customer at a time, which limits your income potential. Scaling up your hypnosis business might seem difficult, so how do you take what you do to a...
Session #309

Session #309 – Wieslaw Rocki on Improvisational Healing

Wieslaw Rocki is a health coach and the Owner of Self-Healing Care. He has a medical background as a doctor in Europe, later moving to the United States to continue his work and further explore the complementary healing arts. He is an author of Embrace Your Grace: A Physician's Guide to Dynamic Self-Healing, a speaker,...
Session #308

Session #308 – James Seetoo on Influential Rapport

James Seetoo is the President of JC2 Consulting and an executive coach and talent acquisition professional. James is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed NLP Coach Trainer, and a Licensed Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming. He is the Amazon best-selling author of Influential Rapport: Influence and Persuade in Work, Life, and Leisure and The 5 Keys To Hypnotic...
Session #307

Session #307 – Taking a Leap

When looking to grow your business and find success, it helps to focus on what works today and what will work tomorrow. You need to look for new opportunities, set rules, and hold yourself accountable to ensure that you follow your strategies through. By being transparent, you can set a date to motivate change and...
Session #306

Session #306 – Karen Hand on Demystifying Hypnosis

Karen Hand is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Trainer, and the Founder of Karen Hand Hypnosis, where she runs her entire business on Zoom, achieving a global reach. She is the author of Magic Words and Language Patterns: The Hypnotist's Essential Guide to Crafting Irresistible Suggestions and the recipient of multiple awards, including Educator of the...
Session #305

Session #305 – Eliminating Absolutes in Hypnosis

When people begin training in hypnosis, they learn certain methodologies and how to do things in a specific way. Students in hypnotherapy are taught that ‘this’ technique is good, and ‘that’ technique is bad. This approach works well as a good confidence-builder in the beginning stages of a career in hypnosis; however, it can create...

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