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Session #284

Session #284 – If I Had to Start All Over

It is one thing to learn how to work more effectively with your clients, but if your business strategy isn't on par, you may never develop a flow of clients to work with. If you are starting your business, it is essential to follow a series of steps to find success. If you have already...
Session #283

Session #283 – What I’m Up To Right Now

Everything can change at a moment's notice, and it's easy to fall into the rut of having a false sense of comfort. Perhaps you have left a career you no longer enjoy to change your life, but you have not found your passion within the scope of hypnotherapy. It is vital to find your unique...
Session #282

Session #282 – Barbara C Phillips on Medical Hypnosis

Barbara C. Phillips joins me today to share how medical hypnosis can help clients with chronic pain and anxiety. She discusses the role of the hypnotist and being there as a resource to take the suffering out of pain. She reveals the strategies you can use to help clients overcome anxiety and self-esteem issues. She...
Session #281

Session #281 – Medical Networking Made Easy

We exist as a hypnosis profession because society has found that we can help many people. Things that are viable stick around, and things that do not fade away or are eliminated. We have to recognize when to turn away potential clients, such as when a physiological reason may exist for a symptom the person...
Session #280

Session #280 – Danna Pycher on Auto-Immune Hypnosis

Danna Pycher joins me today to share how you can help clients in distress with auto-immune hypnosis. She shares how she started her business, found her niche, and attracted clients by creating a ripple effect in the early days. Danna highlights how physical distress and addiction are often coping mechanisms that have become hypersensitive, resulting...
Session #279

Session #279 – James Vera on Hypnotic Growth

James Vera joins me today to share how customizable frameworks give you the freedom to achieve hypnotic growth. He shares how he took his business online and developed Tele-Hypnosis Programs, which has shown increasing client success rates since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. James reveals the best practices that will help you build your...
Session #278

Session #278 – Jason Tollen on Hypnotic Accountability

Jason Tollen joins me today to share how you can utilize hypnotic accountability for your business and finances. He shares how you can grab back control of your finances, manage your money, and increase your understanding of running your business. He highlights why it is vital to adapt your business and pursue opportunities during the...
Session #277

Session #277 – Arthur Bablis on Rewire Reset & Redefine

Arthur Bablis joins me today to share how you can help your clients rewire, reset, and redefine themselves. He shares his experience of learning hypnosis and how he uses the Five Elements of Life to get results. He shares how you can break down the process of creating change with hypnosis into three steps. Arthur...
Session #276

Session #276 – De’Anna Nunez on Mind Body F.I.T. Life

De'Anna Nunez is a high-performance hypnotist specializing in hypnosis for optimal healthy weight. She is the founder of Wake Up Your Best, a trainer with twenty years of experience, keynote speaker,creator of the Mind Body FIT Club, and author of Mind Body F.I.T. Life. De'Anna is a certified sports performance and clinical hypnotherapist as well...

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