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Session #384

Session #384 – Michael Goldblatt on Medical Hypnosis

Michael Goldblatt is a Medical Director at Glo Clinical Hypnosis, a clinical hypnosis practice based in North Adelaide, Australia where he helps clients live their best lives and attain their full potential by combining the art of hypnotic suggestion with the science of change. They focus on helping people overcome challenges like anxiety, stress, panic...
Session #383

Session #383 – Karen Dubi on the Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Karen Dubi is a high-performance coach, hypnosis and NLP practitioner, and yoga teacher. For the last 30 years, Karen has been consulting, coaching, and mentoring her clients through her platform, Flexible Mindset Strategies. She is also a registered dietician who operated a private nutrition consulting practice before becoming a coach. In her book, The Art...
Session #382

Session #382 – High-Value Programs

Have you ever wondered about increasing the pricing of your coaching programs? One of the wonderful folks at the Hypnotic Business Systems community recently asked about my $5,000 Hypnotic Transformation Program and wondered what it takes to create something similar. Well, it’s definitely something you can passively wait on—raising the value of your programs involves...
Session #381

Session #381 – Misha Tuesday on Mystic Hypnosis

Misha Tuesday is the founder of Hypno-Energize where he aims to bridge the gap between scientific and spiritual methods of self-improvement. His transformational coaching sessions draw from his training in hypnosis and NLP as well as his work and exploration of Western and Eastern metaphysical traditions. He is also the creator of ActiveTarot, a unique...
Session #380

Session #380 – Steven Rollins on Breaking Barriers with Hypnosis

Steven Rollins is the founder of Explore Hypnosis, a hypnosis practice based in Manassas, Virginia, as well as Oasis Consulting and Technical Services, a consulting company where he works with the HeadQuarters of the Marine Corps. He is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a...
Session #379

Session #379 – Brenda Kaye on Hypnotic Happy Hours

Brenda Kaye is a Headline Entertainer Hypnotist at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Ltd. After discovering her passion for the power of the mind, she used self hypnosis to achieve her dream of traveling the world to empower others. She shares her passion by performing stage hypnosis shows, speaking, and teaching seminars and workshops that empower,...
Session #378

Session #378 – 2 Formulas For Flexible Hypnosis

The way most hypnosis professionals approach the hypnotic intake often tends to do more damage than it does good. It often leads clients further down the rabbit hole, believing their problem is too big or too challenging to solve. But what if there was a way you could gather the information you need to create...
Session #377

Session #377-The “Confidence Creativity and Flexibility” ENCORE

What makes a great hypnotist? Is it years of training? Perhaps the number of years you’ve worked with clients? How does a new hypnosis professional become a great hypnosis professional? On today’s episode, I’m going to reveal the three things that I believe are the foundational components to becoming a great hypnotic worker. Watch a...
Session #376

Session #376-Confident Hypnosis in 5 Steps

As hypnosis professionals, when we convey an attitude of appropriate and respectful confidence, we tend to become even more effective when working with clients. But how do you become a confident hypnosis professional? What are the steps that other hypnosis professionals take to increase their confidence so that they, too, can help their clients more...
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