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Session #237

Session #237 – Richard Nongard on Hypnosis Research You MUST Know About

Dr. Richard Nongard joins me today to discuss the hypnosis research every hypnotist needs to know about. He highlights seven of the most important pieces of research that the modern-day hypnotist should be aware of, the dangers of referring to research conducted years ago, and reveals where you can find peer-reviewed studies. Richard also shares...
Session #236

Session #236 – Maggie Wilde on Rewiring the Brain

Maggie Wilde joins me today to share the strategies she uses for rewiring the brain. She highlights how her control, program, and rewire technique is likened to humane electric shock therapy. Maggie reveals how to use the blink and eye roll control techniques as a pattern interrupter for planting new emotions and thoughts. She also...
Session #235

Session #235 – Scott Sandland on Hypnosis for Teens

Scott Sandland returns to the podcast today to share how to do hypnosis for teenagers. While many hypnotists talk about making sure their client is motivated for change, most of Scott’s clients are brought to him against their will. He reveals how to get teens to buy into therapy arranged by their parents and the...
Session #234

Session #234 – Joseph Onesta on Really Difficult Clients

Joseph Onesta joins me today to share how to work with really difficult clients. He highlights how imagination can improve health as well as well-being. He shares an example of how to harness cognitive buy-in and the benefits of referrals and knowing the limits of what you can do. He also shares tips on working...
Session #233

Session #233 – Doug O’Brien on Ericksonian Hypnosis

Doug O’Brien joins me today to share how Ericksonian hypnosis has progressed over the years. He reveals his thoughts to the classic “Hypnosis or NLP?” question most new students ask. Doug introduces the different patterns of Sleight of Mouth. He describes how this respectful system uses the belief system on itself and how the system...
Session #232

Session #232 – 7 Secrets to Booking High-Dollar Services

Make it rain! Discover my seven secrets to booking high-dollar services. I share the exact strategies of what is working now, explain why you need to speak your audience’s language and discuss how to optimize your schedule and approach. I describe how you can book a higher rate of clients and ensure that they find...
Session #231

Session #231 – Time Management for Hypnotists

Time management can be tricky. Many hypnotists find it hard to keep control over an active schedule and to-do list. As your hypnosis practice begins to grow, you’re likely to start looking for ways to get better results from your clients and your business. However, if you are overwhelmed by the number of tasks and...
Session #230

Session #230 – Steve Woods on Mobile Hypnosis

Steve Woods joins me today to share how his mobile hypnosis business takes hypnotism into people’s homes. He describes the advantages of performing hypnosis in the homes of clients and reveals how you can use environmental distractions to your advantage. He highlights why hypnotic phenomena and finding the client’s motivation for change are vital. He...
Session #229

Session #229 – Mailin Colman on Hypnotic Resilience

Mailin Colman joins me today to share how hypnotherapists need hypnotic resilience to continue having a healthy career. She reveals the multiple sides of resilience and shares why compassionate detachment is essential. Mailin describes what to expect at the AHA World Conference and highlights the networking opportunities that will be available. She also shares how...

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