Kevin Laye is a former military and stuntman who became the Vice President of an international multi-million-dollar company before he had a life-changing encounter with hypnosis in 2000. With a background in physics and engineering, Kevin founded Psy-Tap, which stands for “Psychosensory Techniques and Principles,” a set of techniques that was born out of the combination of proven methods and neuroscience.

Kevin joins me today to share how Psy-Tap reframes the amount of time spent with the client. He talks about how he gets the job done in 20 minutes and how he reverse-engineers the processes to discover how they happened quickly and effectively.

“Unless you understand the epistemology of something, you’re never going to fix it.” – Kevin Laye

  • Kevin’s health ordeal that led him to hypnosis
  • What he noticed differently from reading Frogs Into Princes Book from an analytical perspective
  • The point where the adrenaline of anxiety flip into adrenaline of excitement
  • How Callahan’s tapping technique helped him overcome his phobia and anger management issues
  • How he put an engineer’s mindset into helping resolve people’s emotional problems
  • How the Psy-Tap technique saved Kevin’s client’s marriage and career
  • What to do when you’re having a panic attack
  • What made the Psy-Tap process powerful
  • The relationship between raising eyebrows and depression
  • How he plans on scaling up and reaching out to more audience

Resources Mentioned:

Frogs Into Princes Book by John Grinder and Richard Bandler

Tapping the Healer Within Book by Roger Callahan

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