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Session #155

Session #155 – Tim Horn on Hypnotic Collaboration

Tim Horn joins me today to share how he utilizes his learning and experiences from his varied background in his hypnosis practice. He shares some interesting insights on how the theatrical thinking impacted his work with his clients and how his experience as a professional educator influenced his mindset on how to help clients be...
Session #154

Session #154 – Six-Figure Hypnosis Businesses in Four Easy Steps

When our powers combine… Dan Candell joins me on the program this week as we share how to grow your practice into a six-figure hypnosis business using four easy steps. We unpack the value of giving talks, plus how to orchestrate the audience’s experience in such a way that people are inspired to work with...
Session #153

Session #153 – Steven Blake on OldPain2Go

Steven Blake is the creator of the concepts BrainBargaining and OldPain2Go. His OldPain2Go program currently engages eight trainers and more than 300 practitioners. He is an NLP Master Practitioner and a Hypnotherapist who continues to improve himself and update his skills to help people deal with the unconscious processes that concern fear, fatigue, stress, and...
Special Episode

Remembering Michael Ellner

Please join me in celebrating the life and work of Michael Ellner in this special podcast session. The hypnosis profession and the world lost a great person this morning, Monday, February 26. This special session revisits the first ever conversation from the Work Smart Hypnosis series. Please listen, learn, and enjoy with a happy heart,...
Session #152

Session #152 – Hypnotic Outsourcing Secrets

How do you maximize your time and energy to accomplish many tasks throughout your day while maintaining your hypnosis practice and seeing multiple clients? This is a question I receive often from other hypnotist and professionals. Today, I want to share my number one secret on how I’ve been able to handle many projects at...
Session #151

Session #151 – Kaz Riley on Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

Kaz Riley is the founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis, an avenue for people who seeking help for their psycho-sexual concerns to experience sexual freedom. Kaz has been a full-time hypnotist for 16 years and mentors students in 17 different countries across the globe. Her three specialties include sexual freedom hypnosis, fertility hypnosis, and hypnobirthing. Kaz...
Session #150

Session #150 – Igor Ledochowski on Calibrating the Hypnotic Journey

Originally from Spain, Igor Ledochowski moved to and grew up in London and eventually acquired a law degree. He was working at one of the leading law firms in the UK for several years before switching careers and pursuing hypnosis full time. Today, he is a Master Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Trainer, bestselling author of hypnosis...
Session #149

Session #149 – Heather Rodriguez on Hypnosis Speaking for Itself

Heather Rodriguezpassionate about the work she does -- helping others and promoting self-love. An entrepreneur at heart, she transitioned from her own catering business to pursue a career as a hypnotherapist. Heather joins me from Regina in Canada to share how she took the leap from having a successful career in the restaurant industry to...
Session #148

Session #148 – Kevin Laye on Engineering Change

Kevin Laye is a former military and stuntman who became the Vice President of an international multi-million-dollar company before he had a life-changing encounter with hypnosis in 2000. With a background in physics and engineering, Kevin founded Psy-Tap, which stands for “Psychosensory Techniques and Principles,” a set of techniques that was born out of the...

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