5 Reasons To Transition to a Career as a Hypnotist

You have taken stock of your current job, and something isn’t quite right. Your opportunity for advancement might be narrowing, or you are looking for a salary increase. Your current role is inflexible with limited time off, or you are constantly under too much stress. Or you simply aren’t appreciated.

Whatever the reason, you are interested in making a change. Professional hypnosis training may already be on your radar, but here are the top reasons you won’t be disappointed getting into the hypnosis business:

1. Flexibility

You can be your own boss unless you want to join another therapist’s practice. You can make all the decisions without someone else dictating what you are allowed to do. You manage your schedule and workload, set your rates, and take vacations when convenient. You can choose to travel to your clients or work from home if you prefer since you can see your clients online through video conference. You can specialize and pursue specific areas of interest since the field of hypnotherapy ranges from nail biting and fears to sports performance.

2. Gain Deeper Understanding

Training in hypnotherapy gives you access to the subconscious mind–your own and that of the people you interact with. You will find your self-awareness increasing, equipping you to better help people around you. You can master your ability to stay present, making moments more enjoyable and connections with others more meaningful.

You will learn to promote relaxation and healing, exuding comfort, which is an invaluable skill when working with clients or dealing with interpersonal conflict. You will be able to direct people to the source of their issues and help them overcome them.

3. Facilitate Lasting Change

Hypnotherapy allows people to overcome roadblocks in their minds and make changes in their lives that will stick. You get to learn the valuable process to help them do this.

There is no better feeling than helping others achieve what they believed was impossible before. Have you helped someone change in a profound way? With professional hypnosis, you wake up daily to facilitate change, and it never stops feeling incredible.

4. Job Satisfaction

Because you will have the work-life balance that works for you, and you get to wake up and help clients conquer their impossible, your job satisfaction skyrockets. While transitioning from a stable career can be daunting, becoming a hypnotist is incredibly rewarding if you take the leap.

5. Opens Other Career Opportunities

Lastly, being a hypnotist isn’t a static career move. You get out of it what you put into it. You can choose to pour your energy into growing your private practice, hiring additional hypnotists to manage your client load. You may find your passion is training others to become hypnotists like you. Speaking engagements and writing projects could be your niche. The opportunities are endless, from guest lecturing on mindfulness to book deals. Your career is not limited and will never be boring.

How to Pivot Your Career

You are interested in hypnosis, but you might be asking yourself why you would give up a career for the uncertainty of starting a new one. When I decided to become a hypnotist, it wasn’t because I was failing in my current job. Rather, I was good at what I did, but that didn’t mean I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I took the leap, and here are a few steps to help you make the transition, too.

  • Ask yourself why you want to change your career. You may be good at your job, bringing in enough to support your lifestyle. However, you might be bored, be in it only for the money, or find that your career negatively affects your self-esteem or well-being. Figure out what your reason is, and it will propel you forward.
  • Make an action plan. Start with your end goal and work backward. Have measurable and actionable steps to work towards your end goal. Think about the hypnosis training classes and certifications you will need. Be realistic in the timeframe you set for yourself to achieve your plan.
  • Take action, don’t analyze. Once you have your plan, start to act on it. Keep yourself on track and stay motivated by tracking your progress. Spreadsheets are a great way to log your milestones, or a goal-setting journal works if you prefer paper visuals. You get to acknowledge your small victories and feel a sense of accomplishment as you take steps to make the career change.

Career transitions are challenging and can be messy. Approach it with conviction and commitment. Remember that hypnosis training can transform your life and every client’s life. You will be making a difference instead of logging hours for a corporation. You will finally be able to control your career. Pursuing your passions and interests allows you to enjoy your life and make every moment count.


You’ve evaluated your existing position, and something doesn’t seem quite right. It’s possible that your window of opportunity is closing, or you want a raise in pay. Although professional hypnosis training may already be on your radar, the following are the main benefits of why you should start hypnosis practice.

5 Reasons To Be A Hypnotist Infographic


5 Reasons To Transition to a Career as a Hypnotist

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