5 Steps To Make Vlogs For Your Hypnosis Business

Online videos or vlogs (video logs) are a great way to build your hypnotherapy business. They make your website more appealing to potential and current clients. They also allow you to attract more attention from search engines and ensure visitors stay on your site longer. You can showcase your knowledge and business personality and boost credibility before interacting with a client.

If you are worried about your production capabilities, you can make videos quickly and inexpensively with most of the technology in the palm of your hand. Follow these tips to start generating video content for your website today:

Keep A Running List of Ideas

Typically, you can’t sit down and generate 20 brilliant ideas. They take time and occur more organically. Keep a running list in a note on your phone or a spreadsheet when the bright idea strikes. Whatever your preferred method, electronic is better so you don’t risk losing your hard copy list. Then, when it comes time to make your video, you already have a starting point.

If you’re still struggling, think of frequently asked questions from your clients. You have a whole pool of ideas if you can easily answer them with a video. You can also explain the benefits of your services for your potential clients, providing education for prospects that may not fully understand what you can do for them.

Make A Script

You don’t have to write a screenplay but start with a few bullet points around your main message. You can organize what you want to say around those points in a coherent order. Remember, we don’t speak the same way we write sentences. You want to sound natural–not overly programmed.

Talk through your script to see how it flows. You might need to make some tweaks, clarify some points, and break up paragraphs.

Be sure to include a call to action, such as “schedule a hypnosis consultation now” with a hyperlink to your contact form or online scheduling page. If they’ve watched to the end, you’ve captured their attention; give them a clear path to move forward.

Our attention spans continue to shrink, so strive for short, pithy videos. Most marketing or promotional videos are under two minutes. Save your longer videos for more content-heavy explanations of complex topics.

Once you’ve finalized your script, practice saying it to the camera. It can be challenging to sound comfortable and look confident while speaking to a lens, so do run-throughs until you don’t feel self-conscious anymore.

Set The Stage

Before you hit record, ensure you have the proper equipment. These days, your phone or laptop HD camera will do the trick, but you want a tripod or stand for your camera to be at eye level. You might be all set if you have a good amount of natural light indoors. A few extra artificial lights or some combo ring light tripods are an inexpensive way to class up your production.

You should screentest how you look with your gear in your chosen recording environment. Pay attention to your background, as you might need to remove or bring in some elements. If you plan to record yourself, have a large printout of your script behind the camera, so you can refer to it if you forget your talking points.

When you record, make it good quality with 1080p or 4K resolution. You’ll also want a widescreen 16:9 ratio (unless you’re producing for social media sites that require vertical videos). Before you wrap shooting, listen to the videos to ensure your speech is easy to understand and the audio is clear. If you’ve fumbled a bit or can’t hear a part, re-record that section, and you can put it together in the editing stage.

Don’t Forget To Edit

The most successful videos are actually less than 40 seconds. They are authentic with limited edits and filters. You only need to trim, crop, and add some subtitles for accessibility, if possible. If you have Apple products, you can do all of this on their free included software. Clipchamp, HitFilm, OpenShot, Shotcut, and VideoPad are also free, user-friendly video software options.

Striking a balance with authentic videos that are potent can be challenging. Popular and influential videos typically aren’t just a video of you reading your script. Especially if you are making frequent videos for your site, add a little variety. Our brains process visuals much faster than speech, so utilize media to tell your story in a dynamic and visually pleasing way. Even a little music will go a long way. Search for no copyright sounds, and you can find thousands of royalty-free tracks to use for your videos.


You’ve made your video, and it’s time to release it into the world. Ensure your video ranks well with a keyword-rich title under 65 characters so the full title is visible on search engine result pages.

You can upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it in your website, so it keeps the large video files from slowing your website server. Once it’s live on your site, promote your video on your social media platforms. You can also make shorter clips for social media or repurpose them as gifs to keep your clients engaged with repurposed content.

You are an expert that should share your essential knowledge with the world. Be yourself and find what works for you: humor, sharing client testimonials, your personal struggles, or even TikTok challenges. Utilize analytics to see which videos are getting clicks and are watched all the way through so you can hone in on what tactics are working for you.

Videos will give you the best return on investment for online content, and you don’t have to be a member of the Coppola family to make it happen. If you don’t have the time to create top video content, outsourcing can be beneficial. Watch for our next blog on outsourcing tips.


Hypnotherapy business owners have a great opportunity to reach potential clients through vlogging. Vlogging is simply creating video blogs or short videos with topics related to your business and services. You can showcase your expertise and connect with potential customers worldwide by creating vlogs for your hypnosis business. So, tap into the power of visual content to boost your hypnosis business with this step-by-step infographic guide on creating captivating vlogs.

5 Vlogging Tips for Hypnotists Infographic


5 Steps To Make Vlogs For Your Hypnosis Business

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