Hypnosis Business Specialization

When most people think of hypnotism, they imagine either a Vegas stage show or a wellness practitioner helping people with anxiety, trauma, smoking cessation, or weight loss. Those are undoubtedly viable and rewarding options for using your certified hypnosis training. However, there are plenty of other options available. You can use these as pathways for generating additional clients or choose to specialize your business and become known as an expert in a specific area of hypnotism. Here are some less common but lucrative and exciting ways to practice professional hypnosis:

Sports Success

Hypnosis can be highly beneficial to athletes at all levels. Whether it’s a gifted young baseball player dealing with nerves as he prepares to try out for the varsity team, or a highly-paid professional athlete playing at an elite level, the challenges of athletes are ideally suited to hypnosis. You can establish yourself as an expert in helping athletes overcome challenges to their confidence, imagine themselves attaining a goal, get over a disappointing loss, or other mental challenges.

If potential clients are looking for examples of athletes who use hypnosis successfully, point them to Tiger Woods. He reportedly uses hypnosis to tune out distractions and improve his focus on the golf course. Gold medal Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, basketball legend Michael Jordan, and MVP Minnesota Twins’ player Rod Carew are other examples of elite athletes who made hypnosis part of their regimens.

Consider partnering with private sports coaches, trainers, school programs, independent teams, or universities to build a sports hypnosis resume.

Singers’ Suffering or Actors’ Aching

Andrea Bocelli, Barbara Streisand, Adele, Rihanna, and Ozzy Ozborne. That’s an eclectic list of singers. What do they have in common? Each has dealt with stage fright during their successful career. That means that each could have benefitted from hypnosis. In fact, hypnotherapy has been part of Adele’s arsenal for battling her performance nerves. Given that she’s selling out stadiums, it seems clear hypnotism can work wonders for stage fright.

And it’s not just singers who might find hypnotism beneficial to their craft. Dancers, public speakers, musicians, actors, and other performers can all struggle with confidence or other challenges that can be addressed by hypnotherapy. Sylvester Stallone reportedly used hypnosis when writing Rocky and trying to get it sold, and then again when filming the role.

If you want to see if you enjoy this type of hypnosis work, consider offering your services to local theater companies and school performing arts groups or partnering with voice, theater, or dance coaches who might have clients who would benefit from hypnosis.

Private Player

If working with anxious entertainers doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d prefer to be the entertainer yourself. After completing professional hypnosis training, you may want to explore ways to use your skills to entertain others. You can create a stage show or wow audiences with your skills at private events.

This use of hypnosis is a fantastic option for diversifying your hypnosis business or staying profitable while your business is getting established.

If you decide to be a hypnosis entertainer in addition to practicing more traditional hypnotherapy, consider whether it makes sense to use different business names for your two very different types of hypnosis. This will ensure clients still view you as a professional, credible health services practitioner.

Academic Assistance

From young students feeling the stress of rigorous academics and collegiate applications to law students worried about passing the bar exam, many people struggle with academic pressure. Hypnotism can help them perform at their best when it’s most needed while also easing their anxieties about their future.

If this type of hypnosis work appeals to you, market yourself at local universities. You might also partner with tutors or test-prep companies.

Corporate Concerns

High-level executives often turn to hypnosis to help them deal with stress or work toward achieving even loftier career goals. With hypnosis, you can help these highly motivated people further their careers, transition to new opportunities, deal with setbacks, or work through stress.

Some employers will even cover hypnosis as part of their employee-assistance programs. They can refer clients to you or bring you on-site to work with their staff.

Dental Dilemma or Doctor Dismay

A trip to the dentist is enough to make many people’s palms sweat. For some, fear of being in the dentist’s chair is enough to prevent them from receiving the care they need. That can lead to a cycle of shame and increasingly worse dental health. Some dentists work with or refer their patients to hypnotists to help them work through their fears and the traumas that led to them.

This allows the patients to comfortably receive the required care.

Doctors may have patients with similar fears or challenges. They may also work with people who have faced life-altering or terminal illnesses, struggling to come to terms with their new realities. Hypnosis can be beneficial in these situations.

Partnering with these medical care providers can be a great way to grow your practice or specialize your hypnotism business.

This list is far from comprehensive. Think creatively about the types of careers or situations that can benefit from the many facets of hypnotism. If you find specific niches of hypnotherapy that interest you, consider ways you might seek out that particular client pool. Your hypnosis business can be whatever you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to branch out beyond seeing traditional hypnosis clients in an office setting. These specializations work as supplements to your more conventional client base, or you may decide to base your entire practice around a specific type of hypnosis care.

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