The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Effective Hypnosis Ad Copy

Ad copy is the text that makes your ads (or other marketing materials) compelling. The problem is that consumers are inundated with a copy in all forms of advertisements: TV, social media, junk mail, emails, and even the sides of buses all try to convince people how and where to spend their money. When faced with all that competition, creating ad copy that stands out from the noise can be intimidating.

We’re here to help. Here’s what your hypnosis ad copy should be:


Don’t: “Come see me for expert hypnotism that can help you address many different challenges.”
Do: “I offer expert hypnotism to help with fears, anxiety, weight control, smoking cessation, and more.”

To many of your potential clients, hypnotism is new and unknown. They need to understand how it will help them. You need to show what hypnosis can do for those unfamiliar with its applications.

If you specialize in particular challenges, your advertising content should make that clear. If not, you’ll want to list some of the most common reasons people seek hypnotic care.

For longer ads, include details about specific packages you offer. This might include seasonal discounts or bundles (ex: “Every 5th session free!”).


Don’t: Through a series of sessions, hypnotism can help you with various mental health and well-being challenges. Hypnosis works by helping you relax and focus your mind, leaving you better able to focus on your subconscious thoughts. That, in turn, allows for…” [The potential client has likely stopped reading at this point.]
Do: By relaxing and focusing your thoughts, hypnosis allows you to address the root issues behind your problems. It’s an effective treatment for everything from anxiety to relationship issues to addiction.

Your advertisements should be more like Hypnotism for Dummies and less like a graduate-level thesis. If potential clients want more information, you can have that readily available on your website. There, you can explain the process, how it works, and what the experience will be like.

The easiest way to think about this? Your potential clients are real people! Don’t speak like you would at a hypnosis convention! What are the words and phrases that they’re already using? That’s the best clue on how you should speak to them.

Potential clients can click through to read detailed explanations if they want them, but they won’t need to wade through that to understand what you can do for them. Your ad must capture their attention enough to get them to seek that additional information. If you try to include all the details in your advertisements, it will be overwhelming. The reader or listener will likely lose interest and move on.

This doesn’t mean you should always limit your ads to as few words as possible. The supporting information can be available; it just shouldn’t drown out the key points. Depending on the format and medium, you may have larger, bold text that has the most important, attention-grabbing information. That will draw the potential client in, and they can choose to read on for more details.

For a print ad, that might mean having a brief headline with more information below in a smaller font. For something online, it could be an initial graphic with links containing more details.


Don’t: I’m a great hypnotist who has been doing this for a long time. I have had a lot of success with my clients.
Do: With over 10 years in hypnosis and the completion of multiple hypnosis training courses, I am qualified to help with (list relevant specialties).

You want to establish your credibility and expertise. You can do that by mentioning training and certifications, length of practice, or the number of clients you have helped. Of course, only cite those things if they are significant. “More than eight weeks of experience working with over three clients” isn’t exactly compelling.

Because hypnotism is new to many potential clients, you want to convey that you are serious about the work you do. They should view you more like a massage therapist than a palm reader. You’re closer to being a tax advisor than you are to a mystical wizard. Focusing on your experience and training demonstrates that you are a professional healer, not a novelty.


Don’t: Say, “I’ve helped many people work through significant challenges. I’m great at what I do, and I transform lives with my work!
Do: Let testimonials do the talking: “Jane’s hypnotism was incredibly beneficial, helping me address some significant relationship issues. In only a few sessions, I started feeling much better able to handle these challenges. Working with Jane was transformative.” -Former Client.

Praise is much more effective when sung by your clients than yourself. It’s like the difference between a stranger on the street saying you are beautiful and your mom saying it. One of those is a lot more meaningful. Ask your clients for feedback and permission to use their words in your marketing materials. Not only does that show your successes, but it also makes you more relatable.

Many people are skeptical about hypnotism. While citing your hypnosis certification and experience can help, nothing works better than testimonials. Stories work better than lectures, so let stories of success work for you in your ads. When you can, let others do the talking.

Compelling ads and marketing materials help you stand out not only from other hypnotism practices but to people who may never have considered hypnosis for relieving various problems.

Your work involves connecting with people and understanding their needs. Apply those same concepts to your advertising. Understand your target audience and use your ad copy to show how you can address their pain points. Then, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind as you create ads that will move people from potential consumers to paying clients.

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