Work Smart Hypnosis

How do you work smart?

Working smart takes on a number of different concepts in my world.

As a consulting hypnotist, the goal to “work smart” is a balance between efficiency, efficacy, and ethics.

On efficiency, hypnosis works fast. Many modern practitioners of hypnosis like to quote the Dr. Barrios study “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” in which six sessions of hypnosis were found to be 93% successful after six sessions while 600 sessions of psychotherapy produced 38% success.

On efficacy, our goals as a hypnosis practitioner should be one of affecting the best transformation possible. It is my belief that just “removing the problem” is not enough. We should work with our clients to effectively transition them into the next phase of their success in which they’re able to enjoy life as if the reporting issue had not been a part of them.

On ethics, we have a responsibility to the profession, ourselves, and our clients. As we build and grow together, we advance hypnotism. As we focus our business model on building “raving fans” rather than “lifelong dependents,” we spread the best possible story of hypnosis.

To “work smart” is just as important when it comes to our businesses. Time and time again I hear stories of new practitioners falling flat by doing all the wrong things at the wrong times. They invest thousands of dollars in advertisements that don’t produce clients. They build websites and business cards that push away their clients rather than draw them in. They spend countless hours tricking themselves into being busy, when the correlation would be that of owning a bicycle and just ringing the bell.

I believe it’s important and respectful to work hard, but my goal is to help you, my fellow hypnotist, WORK SMART. Master your time management. Manifest excited, motivated clients excited to experience powerful changes with you. Build your best success in way that allows you to focus on what matters most: the success of your clients, your happiness, your health, your wealth, and your family.

Let’s begin this journey together.

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