How can hypnosis help business professionals and entrepreneurs succeed?

Hypnotism and business appear at two opposite ends of the spectrum, so how do they mix? With the rise of performance coaches, you might be looking for the next edge. These hypnosis and business experts discuss how you can combine hypnosis with business to help you succeed in all aspects of your life.
Rosanna Gill

Rosanna Gill

Trauma-informed breathwork coach and clinical hypnotherapist at Breakthrough Breathwork & Coaching.

Creates Positive Habits

Hypnosis can be used to create positive habits for business people and entrepreneurs. If an entrepreneur has confidence issues in certain situations, such as public speaking or having tough conversations with clients, hypnosis is a highly effective way to plant positive suggestions and words that trigger positive responses for the professional. Hypnosis can even be used to help business people and entrepreneurs dealing with ADHD focus more effectively.

Resolves Obstacles or Blocks Holding You Back

Hypnosis is a natural, very powerful, non-invasive method to create long-lasting positive changes in the mind. Using hypnosis can resolve obstacles or blocks holding you back from living up to your full potential. Finding and removing the root causes beyond our conscious awareness makes it possible to heal from trauma and its consequences, like addiction, anxiety, difficulties sleeping, or weight management problems.

Hypnosis is a method to uncover the roots of information, beliefs, and wounds deeply hidden in the subconscious mind. When we reveal the underlying reasons for our struggles, we can then change our programming and rewire our brains. As a result, we can access our full brainpower, unlock our full potential, and deliver peak performance consistently, easily, and confidently.

As I see it in my daily practice, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives usually suffer in silence. They are often lonely with their struggles and can’t openly share their pain. High performers suffer from grief, addiction, health problems, pain, relationship issues, or any other hardship not less than anyone else, yet, they feel the responsibility to always be on top of things and fulfill their leadership role.

Using nature’s tool, hypnosis, to solve problems faster, perform better, see things clearer, and have more confidence has an enormous value. Hypnosis provides results quickly. It can enhance leadership skills, sports performance, and overall well-being. This results in higher earnings, reputation, team, customer satisfaction, and more time and energy to spend with family, friends, and community.

Dr. Petra Frese

Dr. Petra Frese

Founder and CEO of Peak Mind Academy.


from CFS School.

It Maximizes Productivity

Maximize your productivity by accomplishing complex projects through an intense focus on self-hypnosis. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are tasked with many hats, but that doesn’t mean they have to juggle many tasks simultaneously. How are you supposed to get anything important done if you’re constantly pulled away to do something else?

Block out your day to self-hypnotize yourself to focus on getting a specific task done. Ever get lost in a book and not know where the time went? This is the effect you seek in hypnotizing yourself to focus on this work task, taking away all distractions and establishing a rhythm. You will be surprised how much you get done in a short amount of time.

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