Attract motivated clients, educate your community, and grow your business with this tested, proven strategy. Talk about what WILL happen during your hypnosis session rather than what will NOT, and watch your success grow.


There is only one thing that can prevent someone from going into hypnosis:  FEAR.

This part of the session is your opportunity to educate your client on hypnosis and alleviate any fears they may have.  The classic approach is to briefly address the common misconceptions above and explain why the opposite is true and why that is a benefit to them.

In my approach, I will focus on telling the client what WILL happen as opposed to what WON’T be happening.  Also, please take note that I future pace the use of testing/convincers ahead of time.

The All Positive Pre-Talk

In this process today, your mind will be active and alert the entire time.  You’ll hear what I say, and remember as much as you would from any normal conversation.  Rather than being a loss of control, today is about helping you take control of those parts of your life that don’t have to be out of control any more.

Today, you might feel a heavy feeling of relaxation.  You might notice a light, floating sensation.  You might just feel like you’re sitting in a chair.  Whatever you feel is perfectly fine.  There’s not ONE specific hypnotized feeling.  However, there are some rather interesting hypnotic moments that are kind of fun for you, but they’re also for me to choose the best methods to help you today.

There also might be some moments where you’re SO DEEPLY INTERESTED IN EVERY WORD I SAY, and other times your mind may just wander off to something else.  That’s okay.  Just allow yourself to relax into the process.  It’s simply a matter of following some very easy instructions.  If I ask you to imagine something, just imagine it.  If I ask you to think about something, think about it.

Also, if you ever feel the need to move, scratch, or adjust, feel free to do so.  That will just help you to relax even further.

Do you have any questions before I hypnotize you?

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