Just like training wheels on a bicycle, scripts are only supposed to be depended on when you’re just getting started. And just like riding a bicycle, letting go of your scripts altogether will build confidence as well as improve your skills and techniques as a hypnotist.

Today, I’m sharing my five best strategies on how to put down scripts, the various stories and experiences with each one, as well as a few techniques some hypnotists say are necessary but really aren’t.

“It’s all about being a hypnotist, and not a scriptnotist.” – Jason Linett


  • Students struggle because of an expectation that is not the expectation.
  • Hypnotists feel the need to play with their process to refine, experiment, and improve upon.
  • Listen to your client. Clients will give you the roadmap you'll need to help them create those changes.
  • Teach your clients to hypnotize themselves before they come into your office. Use forms on knowing your clients' expectations from their therapy.
  • Get more training, especially in NLP training.
  • Work with submodalities – the individual building blocks of reality.
  • Start to learn some process-oriented techniques.
  • Make use of advanced change strategies.
  • Age regression is not just finding the cause, it's also a category.
  • Start with a positive transcript, let the feedback tell you what techniques you need and why.
  • Hide the script. If you always have that tool, you're always going to need them. If you build a dependence, it's where you're going to stay.

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