Ken Guzzo is one of the most successful hypnotist today, able to earn thousands of dollars just by showing up to his clients for two days a week. Before his successful career as a hypnotist, Ken was involved in change work, a type of job that involves helping other people become a better version of themselves. He has been doing this job since 1989.

He had this gig going until a colleague told him about hypnotism and how it helps people stop smoking. It wasn’t a surprise that he initially referred to hypnosis as junk science, but he reconsidered his opinions after doing his research. Long story short, he got fascinated with the world of hypnosis and decided to learn the trade and apply it to his own practice and has since helped over 5000 people.

In this episode, Ken shares his methods on how to help the clients’ during a session, why he says withdrawal symptoms are all in the mind, and why he believes in the importance of having a script without actually using one.

“The more that I’ve been working with people with hypnosis, the more I’m actually working with their body.” – Ken Guzzo

  • Clients want to have a visceral experience that something happened in the room.
  • Ken created his own technique called the Guzzo Protocol. It’s composed of other several tapping modalities.
  • It’s important to create a powerful impact from the start. Clear the cravings from their body before they sit in the chair.
  • The withdrawal symptoms are from the mind, not a physical withdrawal. Once you shift the modality of change, it becomes easy.
  • It’s important to be 100% confident when facing clients regardless whether you’re new or a veteran.
  • It’s appropriate to help the clients make the change happen themselves.
  • Believe in scripts, but you should know your script without reading it on a page. Staring at a sheet of paper is equivalent to ignoring your clients.
  • Ken discusses how the Guzzo protocol works in detail and why it’s effective.
  • Do good work and the business will follow. Fix your success rate and the referrals will keep coming.

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