Karl Smith spent 12 years in the British Army before becoming a SWAT officer. Everything was fine until one fateful night in August 4, 2006 when he helped a drunk driver that crashed his car in front of his house. He found out the driver was a young boy who was depressed due to a recent funeral. While talking, he somehow got his arm snagged by the seatbelt which ended up with him getting dragged by the driver which left him with several injuries all over his body including a fractured skull.

About 18 months after the incident, he would have bouts of post-traumatic stress which occurred right after he got off the painkillers. To give him some peace and quiet, he would sneak in painkillers in his alcohol. Exactly two years after the incident, his colleague asked if he wanted help in the form of hypnosis. Karl was skeptic at first but he learned what hypnosis was about through his friend.

On today’s episode, he shares the story of his experience while receiving hypnosis sessions, how it has impacted his life, and what made him decide to become a hypnotist himself. He explains his fast hypnosis methods, the techniques he uses to prepare his clients before a session, and the what he has learned not to do during a session with a client.

“I like doing it fast because what it does is it shows the client there and then that something’s spectacular has happened.” – Karl Smith

  • Karl’s students call it the Gandalf moment, when you open your eyes and you realize something happened.
  • Rapid change may not work on schizophrenics, but it’s a personal choice. It works great on people with bipolar while those with depression have a decent success rate.
  • There’s always more positives than negatives in situations. If you’re in a dark place, you’re not alone and can be fixed.
  • Post-trauma usually only takes one session while weight loss takes longer since there’s more guidance and coaching involved.
  • The First step for weight loss is an emotional detox.
  • Teaching is not about getting people to understand what hypnosis really is and how to deliver it to people.

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