Nicole Wackernagel was always interested in hypnosis, even as a child. Funny enough, her parents told her to stay away from it as they thought it was something dangerous or something people shouldn’t mess with. When she first experienced it to help cope with a dental procedure, that’s when she started teaching herself until she finally decided to learn the trade in a formal school in Zurich.

She became a hypnotherapist in 2010 and in 2013, she began working as a hypnotherapist full-time while working as the director of the Swiss Hypnosis Institute in Switzerland. She practices what we call the Goulding Sleeptalk Process, a method that allows the subconscious mind of a child or a young adult to become more flexible in terms of accepting alternate suggestions.

In this episode, Nicole tells us her experience as a medical and family hypnotist, the struggles she encountered, and the funny memories she has with kids and their parents.

“The kids are mostly the symptom of the whole family issue.” – Nicole Wackernagel

  • Common issues with kids she treated were more about fears, whether in school or from bullies.
  • Her techniques depend on the age of the child.
  • Every kid has the same need and that’s to be loved. In that aspect, working with kids is easier than adults. Unlike adults, they have a lot less stuff to deal with.
  • If you work with one person from the family, the whole family changes.
  • Regression is not always the go-to technique, especially for kids. Nicole’s go-to technique is sleep talk. The basics of sleep talk is the basics of what every human being needs.
  • It’s recommended for the kids to be alone with the hypnotist during the session rather than with the parents since sometimes the issues are caused by the parents.

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