How can you use live presentations to grow your business, increase your subscriber list, and market your hypnosis products and services? On today’s episode, I’m discussing 5 easy, actionable ways you can utilize the power of live presentations to explode your business, increase your clientele, sell more products – taking you to the next level of success in your hypnosis business.

I’m share ways you can use the power of content marketing and network marketing to grow your business as well as why it’s important to profile your audience to help you lead more successful, future presentations.

“Earn your right to be up there.” – Jason Linett

  • If you have fear of public speaking, use hypnosis to get over it.
  • Hypnosis is still a competition-free business.
  • Profile your audience, especially those who love what you’re doing.
  • Offer the presentation first then work on it instead of working on something no one wants.
  • Offer something during your presentation as a mechanism to get them in your mailing list.
  • Utilize the power of content and network marketing.

Jason’s 5 Actionable Strategies for Giving Live Presentations:

  1. Show, don’t tell.
  2. Don’t offer a talk on hypnosis.
  3. It’s all about the approach.
  4. Empower their networks.
  5. Leave them wanting more.

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