Terry Stokes is one of the most popular stage hypnotists in the industry, spanning over 55 years in the business with 4 books and 37 audio and video products under his belt. It all started when he volunteered at a hypnotists show, all the while thinking everything was fake. Needless to say, he walked out of that show a believer. It became a pivotal moment in his life as he decided to go into the business of hypnotherapy until he learned the trade of stage hypnotism and the rest was history.

In this episode, Terry talks about his life experience as one of the industry’s iconic hypnotists, his word of advice to the many questions asked during the interview, and why he thinks you should handle your show as if you’re a director of a film.

“If you’ve never been hypnotized in someone’s show you have no business doing it.” – Terry Stokes

  • Using someone else’s material, despite its success with the original user, may not translate well to your own show if you’re setup is poorly done.
  • The Set up needs to be almost as funny as the bit itself.
  • Learn to do “a” show so you can perform it well regardless if it’s a family or an adult show.
  • Do as many shows as possible. That is better than any training you can get.
  • The people on stage must match the profile of the audience.
  • Evaluating the audience and making your show funny to them.
  • Handle your show as if you’re a director for a film in charge of making a masterpiece that night.

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