How can you explode your hypnosis business? What tools and strategies are simple enough for a new hypnosis practitioner to use in their own marketing toolkit and will provide explosive results in the number of clients you help each week? My guest today is Dan Perez, a full-time hypnotherapist based in Texas. He shares the story of how he used hypnosis for self-improvement, reading a variety of books and started working on hypnotizing himself. It took some trial and error before he could see results.

As suggested by one of Dan’s friends, he began conducting street hypnosis before becoming a stage hypnotist. After that, he started using therapeutic hypnosis to help his friends overcome their problems and bad habits. Though his journey, he realized his passion for helping others through difficult challenges and obstacles and, finally, decided to open his hypnotherapy practice to help more people.

In today’s episode, Dan recalls what led him to hypnotherapy, what caused the drastic increase in his clientele in a span of six months, how Yelp reviews have impacted his business, and the business strategies he uses to guarantee client satisfaction.

“Like a general preparing for battle, you want to think of all the possibilities that you can think of that will affect your campaign; and then do something to deal with those.”– Dan Perez

  • Dealing with 3-star reviews and negative feedback.
  • The enormous impact on clients when responding within 24 hours.
  • How handing out business card magnets has helped his client-retention.
  • A powerful problem-solving strategy to deal with upset clients.
  • Showing your customers appreciation for returning business.

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