Melissa Roth was first introduced to hypnosis when she was an undergrad through her friend’s father who wanted to improve their study habits. Encouraged by the results, Melissa used this method again in grad school and even in the corporate world where she worked as a counselor. Now a licensed hypnotherapist, she has an office in Colorado and looks forward to her upcoming workshop in May called Cannabis and Hypnosis: What You Need to Know.

In today’s episode, Melissa shares her story from being an undergrad who improved her study habits through hypnosis to being a licensed hypnotherapist. She also shares the personal reasons that caused her to push through with hypnotherapy and how she identified the niche that was right for her. Knowing some professionals in the medical field, Melissa did not get intimidated with their profession nor asked what she could get from them. Instead, Melissa asked herself how she could help them. With this curiosity, she found her niche, or as she says, the niche found her.

“From a strategic mindset, tenacity is the key.”– Melissa Roth

  • Melissa shares her professional journey starting in 1972 with theAbbott Company where she ended up counseling 15,000 employees.
  • She breaks down the process she performs with the clients referred to her by the medical community.
  • She shares a story about one of her clients who was faced with the possibility of leg amputation.She says it was a story of “frustration to inspiration.”
  • The biggest mistake other hypnotists make when launching their hypnotherapy business.
  • Why she constantly talks about hypnosis in relation to other people complaining they don’t have enough clients.
  • Her upcoming workshop on May 20: Cannabis and Hypnosis: What You Need to Know

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