Are you a fan of having a daily routine scheduled as you go about your day? Or do you prefer the more casual happy-go-lucky approach in life? I am personally a fan of getting into a routine schedule because for me, failing to plan is planning to fail. I make it a point that if something is not scheduled, it does not happen.

In today’s episode, I talk about the management arm of things regarding how I manage my time and organize my day. I share how I create my daily schedule to accommodate business mechanisms such as responding to clients and setting consulting sessions while giving way to personal priorities like family time and family gatherings. I reveal how scheduling time into my day allows me to gain flexibility and makes room for my business to grow. I also explain why you should have an on-going to-do list, goals, and strategies.

Yes, we are the technician in terms of running our business. Yet we’re also the manager. We’re also the entrepreneur.

  • Story of my international pilot client with “White Coat Syndrome”
  • Instead of using an affirmation model, use a “building improvement” model
  • There is no such thing as finding the time, a game we say to fool ourselves, or excuse for things we don’t yet want to do
  • Reasons why I am a fan of email as a communication strategy
  • Lesson learned the hardway about balancing client appointments and personal life
  • Watching out for the moment when people usually lose focus
  • Scheduling time into my day that allows flexibility
  • Phone sales strategy I teach called “500K Phone Process”
  • Sample color coding on calendar and reasons behind the chosen colors
  • How outsourcing additional staffor having a virtual team helps me duplicate myself

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