Founder of the HypnoThoughts website, Scott Sandland returns to the program this week to talk about how we began in this profession and what we have become as we continue to practice and discover our own voice, style, and approach. He explains the value of technique, process, theme, and continual learning, Scott also mentions how evolution plays a big role in getting results and creating lasting changes in your client’s lives.

Together with Richard Clark, Scott shares updates on the HypnoThoughts Live 2017 Convention. It is a much-anticipated conference that offers not only much learning, but also great opportunities to connect with the rest of the hypnosis community.

“Setting expectation and managing expectation is one of the most important things a hypnotist should learn how to do.” – Scott Sandland

  • Why Scott thinks expectation is significant in the hypnotic process
  • Defining expectation-to-ritual ratio and its relevance to you and the client
  • Why you can get better response when you establish a good rapport with your clients
  • The setbacks of copying the technique of other hypnotists
  • Things that speed up the process of finding and developing your own “voice”
  • What soft skills are and how they help you become better, unique, and authentic
  • Why evolution is all about adaptation
  • How you can work smart to achieve work-life balance
  • Things you can do to continue learning and progressing
  • Updates on the upcoming HypnoThoughts Live 2017 convention in August

Join us at HypnoThoughts Live 2017!

With 170 awesome presenters and more than 300 hours of meaty learning, there are tons of surprises in store for you at this much-awaited convention:

I will be offering a two-day post-conference event called Hypnotic Products, which is about creating content and how you can build a massive, profitable, and passive income.

Join me on Friday note as I’ll be delivering the keynote presentation at this event, plus Friday will be the first ever HypnoBowl, a bowling tournament created to knit the hypnosis community closer together in a fun way.

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