Learn how to make more money as a hypnotist seeing clients around the world! The internet has truly changed the way we work, market our services, and connect with others throughout our community. If you’re not fully taking advantage of the opportunities available online, then you may be significantly limiting your ability to grow your business and revenue. On today’s episode, I share with you how I utilize the power of the online world – beyond just having a website and social media pages – to generate leads, clients, and conduct virtual hypnosis sessions.

I’ll share with you the critical components I use when conducting my online sessions with clients around the world as well as a variety of platforms and strategies that can help you make an impact on your business – as well as generate new, worldwide clients.

If you give a reason why it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work.

  • Why Skype is the king platform for remote sessions
  • What you can do to have higher quality connection and less dropped calls on Skype
  • The kind of microphone to use to get better audio quality
  • Platforms for recording voice and video sessions
  • An excellent video conferencing software for small group discussions
  • Safety mechanisms to consider when conducting online sessions
  • Why most people are against remote session set-ups
  • Reasons why face-to-face meetings should have the same price as remote sessions
  • Three strategies to get more online clients

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