Chris Thompson is an excellent hypnotist, a brilliant instructor, and a great mind when it comes to growing his business. Chris is the business partner and co-host of the hypnosis podcast “Brain Software with Mike Mandel.

Today, Chris and I talk about how to “clear the junk” to be more productive and using appropriate strategies so you can work both in and on your business. Chris also shares the importance of looking at the bigger picture as you build rapport with your audience, think about the methods in building a community, and connect with and acquire more clients through various concepts and strategies.

What’s different for me is that I know I have a compressed operating window for work, so I do not waste as much time on unimportant tasks, which force me to either decide not to do them or have somebody else do them.” – Chris Thompson

  • What bridges the gap between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis that brings about a positive effect
  • How Mike’s stage hypnosis and workshops impacted Chris and his hypnosis journey
  • How Chris used the simple technique called the Agree-and-Repeat Strategy in an influential and positive way
  • The things that introduced and motivated Chris to pursue an e-Commerce business
  • The Mandel Triangle Model and how it works
  • How Chris “clears the junk” as he does his daily routine and rituals
  • How outsourcing helps Chris focus on the essential tasks
  • The importance of knowing what helping people will do for you and your business
  • Defining the Tripwire Concept and how it benefits Chris and his business
  • How being a part of the community helps your business
  • How the “present state versus target state” approach helps people realize their goals and course of action

Elements of the Mandel Triangle:

  1. Confidence
  2. Congruence
  3. Intention

The Four Hour Work Week book by Tim Ferriss

Ultimate Sales Machine book by Chet Holmes

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