Stin-Niels Musche is a hypnotherapist who lives in Hamburg, Germany. Coming from a sales training background, Stin continues to teach and help others as an internationally award-winning hypnosis trainer.

Today, Stin talks about real workable strategies that has helped him acquire clients – not only from his hometown, but other countries as well. He also shares the marketing strategies techniques he uses and the impact these methods have made on his clients and business.

We also jump into the polarized conversation of hypnotic age regression. Listen and share this one!

“Giving the people someone to help them, to teach something, or show just a little of the secrets of hypnosis helps to get in touch with them.” – Stin-Niels Musche

  • His first experience with hypnosis
  • What led him to leave the sales business and pursue hypnotherapy
  • The soft skills he acquired as a sales trainer that prove to be helpful in his hypnosis business
  • Specific techniques he uses to obtain the results he wants after every session
  • The big lesson he learned from his clients
  • Benefits of video marketing for your business
  • His opinion toward the critics of regression
  • Why teaching and helping people get into the hypnosis business excites him

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