Jørgen Rasmussen joins me today to discuss provocative hypnosis, an unconventional approach he uses to help his clients have breakthroughs in their lives. Jørgen continues to learn and proves the effectiveness of this approach.

In today’s episode, Jørgen shares the significant influences in his life and how these people impacted his ways, methods, and approaches as a hypnotherapist. Jørgen also talks about the out-of-the-office kinds of interventions he does, the different ways that he provokes his clients, and the reason he believes that being indoctrinated can be an enormous strength in the revolution of the hypnosis techniques and community.

“I think that many clients have felt very provoked, but they felt that I’ve been really honest with them. Like honest at a level that most people aren’t willing to be.” – Jørgen Rasmussen

  • How Jørgen helped his wife recover from delusions while she was recuperating from a car accident
  • How “educated” people respond to the way Jørgen approached his wife’s condition
  • How you can create an experience that will alter a person’s misconceptions about his or her reality
  • Gold mines in the old hypnosis literature
  • How you can be provocative by not being provocative
  • How to provoke people who like to talk
  • The significance of having a good feedback system in your learning, growth, and development stages
  • Why not having a formal education in hypnosis can be a good thing
  • The two categories of “failure”
  • Why it’s important for the client to have the intention to change
  • Why Jørgen prefers not to work with friends and relatives

Resources Mentioned:

Trance-formations book by John Grinder and Richard Bundler

 Provocative Therapy by Frank Farrelly

Hypnotherapy book by Milton Erickson

Phoenix book by David Gordon

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Provocative Hypnosis book by Jørgen Rasmussen

Provocative Suggestions book by Jørgen Rasmussen

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