Mark Andreas joins me today to share how growing up in a home that practices NLP has benefited him as a person and a professional. In college, Mark pursued the only major with a values statement that says, “Peace is a good thing, and we want more of it.” This statement appealed so much to him; inspiring him to work toward having more peace, especially within the circle of his influence.

In today’s episode, Mark explains the program that allowed him to have first-hand experience and learn to deal with teens going through a rebellious phase. That led him to pursue his current private practice and write his books. Mark also goes through the processes and approaches he uses and the tracking system he has established when dealing with clients, especially those dealing with anxiety.

“One of the things that I really appreciate a lot about the NLP as I learned is that the back and forth of asking questions and wanting to hear the answers.” Mark Andreas

  • Difference between doing NLP on someone versus with someone
  • Turning point when Mark realized he wanted to pursue NLP
  • An overview of Mark’s latest book Waltzing with Wolverines
  • Situations when it is better to work with the parents rather than the unmotivated children
  • How he continues to learn informally through his parents and other mentors
  • Three main things that he currently focuses on
  • Differences between hypnosis and NLP
  • Technique of asking questions to help the clients unpack their reality
  • How being in the mindset of the coach enhances growth and training
  • Creating “recipes” that fit the client’s situation
  • The schedule and locations of Mark’s upcoming training

Resources Mentioned:

Using Your Brain: For a Change book by Richard Bandler

Heart of the Mind book by Conniraeand Steve Andreas

Uncommon Therapy book by Jay Haley

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Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree book by Mark Andreas

Waltzing with Wolverines book by Mark Andreas

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