Today’s extraordinary guest, Dr. Dwight Damon, started with an interest in magic as a kid since his parents owned an entertainment agency. He began exploring hypnosis in 1949 and founded the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1950. One of the organization’s legacies is to assist and support beginning hypnotists who are starting to establish their career in the industry.

Today, Dr. Dwight talks about his career journey from magic to hypnotism to chiropractic practice and back to hypnotism. He shares the progression of the hypnosis curricula as the years went by, some pieces of advice for new hypnotists seeking to get established in the industry, and the significance of why hypnotists should get out in the community and talk about hypnosis.

“It is sticking with our professionalism. I believe that is the most important thing.” – Dr. Dwight Damon

  • Damon’s journey to hypnotism and the founding of the organization, the National Guild of Hypnotism
  • Why he would rather be on the road show in college over sitting inside the four walls of the classroom
  • His stage hypnosis stories while he was with the coast guard
  • How Dr. Damon paid his way through chiropractic college
  • The thing about theater and magic that draws people from this industry to hypnosis
  • How the National Guild of Hypnotists came to be
  • The greatest strength of hypnotists gathering together
  • What he looks forward to in this year’s National Guild Convention that’s happening in August in Massachusetts
  • Advice he gives to new hypnotists

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