Ines Simpson returns to the program today to share the hypnosis tool she discovered called the Simpson Protocol. Ines endured lifelong chronic pain prior to discovering hypnosis. She began experimenting with hypnosis for meditation, practicing every day for a year and by the end of the year, her pain was gone. Through her personal experience and journey with hypnosis, she decided to start her own practice to help others improve their lives.

She joins us today to share the history of the Simpson Protocol (SP), the ideal clients and situations for this tool, and how it is used for foundational health. Ines also shares how the protocol is continually evolving as she continues to use it while working with clients, interacting with students, and training others.

“In many of the greats in hypnosis that have passed on, I think that we hang on so dearly to what we created that we don’t let go early enough for it to continue well.” – Ines Simpson

  • Defining the Simpson Protocol (SP)
  • Why the protocol works very well with people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • What the Foundational Birth Program is and why it involves other members of the family
  • Why Ines teaches SP to foreign-speaking trainers
  • What is “Founder’s Syndrome”?
  • Why Ines continues to balance working with clients and SP training
  • Why commanding the superconscious mind to fix a person does not work well
  • Efficient approaches for helping clients open up
  • Why it’s essential to take the conscious mind into account all the time
  • Relationship of deep rest, different states of hypnosis, and self-healing properties

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