Empower your own hypnosis education. Have you ever wondered why some people rave about a certain workshop while others didn’t like it? It all has to do with the frame of reference. This concept is especially applicable to education and learning.

Learning hypnosis is no different. Getting yourself into a better frame of mind to learn and absorb the information will only enhance your educational experience. This applies to reading a book, watching training materials, coaching, and attending conferences. Having a framework and a better state of mind will make learning easier. Today, I’m going to discuss the 7 specific strategies that will help anyone become a better hypnosis student.

“The hypnosis pre-talk conditions the client for an even more successful hypnotic experience.”

  • Being in a suggestable state to accelerate learning
  • Challenging yourself with new training
  • Revisiting old training
  • Thinking through your client’s perspectives and what they truly want
  • Taking ownership of your learning, discovering new learning strategies
  • Taking action upon your learning
  • Demonstrating your readiness to learn

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