Alan Sands is a stage and comedy hypnotist who has been performing since he was a kid. Allen grew up watching his father’s hypnotism show and after some early attempts, he was called back to performing and learning about hypnotism and is now one of today’s top comedy hypnotists.

Alan joins me to discuss some of the outstanding themes in comedy and stage hypnosis and how understanding stage hypnosis can benefit all of us.  Having the ability to give a presentation and demonstrate what you do is such a practical, and necessary, skill. He also shares insights into how to expedite learning.

“From the first day you show up at my boot camp, I am putting you on stage and you are doing solo shows from beginning to end.” – Alan Sands

  • Alan’s early exposure to hypnotism shows from his dad
  • Why Allen gave up hypnotism for 15 years and then got back into it
  • How it takes 5 years of training to grasp a new skill
  • Safety and not letting people do anything potentially hazardous
  • Discovering the subtle things that you need to learn over time
  • England’s rules of 52 for stage hypnotism shows
  • How a background in magic can transfer to hypnotism
  • Allen’s boot camp and dealing with stage fright
  • The value of understanding stage shows for presentations and demonstrations
  • Comedy hypnotists need to be funny and comedians need to get laughs
  • The importance of the likeability factor

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