Helen Mitasof Melbourne, Australiais a leading Clinical Hypnotist and mindset expert who specializes in beating anxiety and helping with weight loss. She is the founder of Hypnofit and the author of Mindset Dominance. She has taken the concept of mindset to a wider audience while building a successful business based on hypnotism.

Helen joins me today to talk about how it all began with her first encounter with hypnotism and how doors started opening as she was questioning her career and searching for her passion. She also shares her passion for fitness, mindset, and branding while building a global business. It’s her dream that hypnotism businesses become the world’s go-to solution for issues that they can help resolve. She stresses the importance of learning from people who know what they are doing and taking the next step to create a successful business.

“I realized that there had to be something more for me in this lifetime than adding to the bottom line of big corporations.” –Helen Mitas

  • How hypnosis helped Helen get unstuck and shift her thoughts
  • How answers appear and doors open when we have questions
  • Recognizing when it is time to produce change
  • Using a step-by-step strategy to build a brand and a business
  • Taking action and helping more people while becoming successful
  • Cultural and mindset differences between Americans and Australians
  • How consciousness around the world is expanding
  • Saying “yes” to opportunities that come along
  • Getting a mentor and asking a lot of questions
  • Giving and helping others as much as possible
  • Letting go of perfectionism and putting things out there

Mentioned Resources:

30 Something and Over It by Kasey Edwards

Mindset Dominance by Helen Mitas

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