Live from Las Vegas, I’m proud to share with you my keynote address from HypnoThoughts LIVE! 2017 from Friday, August 25, 2017. The HTLIVE event was an incredible experience, and I owe a huge gratitude to Scott Sandland and Richard Clark for the opportunity to stand before my peers to share this message.

“There comes that moment just to take that leap and not look back in that old way.”

  • Why passion is not enough to keep on going and the things you need in addition to having passion for what you do
  • The importance of having that ignite or catalyst at the core of your hypnosis journey
  • Redefining hypnosis
  • Three challenges that hold people back in the business
  • The Savior Syndrome and the solutions to this challenge
  • The Superhero Syndrome and the two sides to this setback
  • Why you should not compare your beginning to someone else’s “middle”
  • The Impostor Syndrome and how to rise above this problem
  • How the support of the community helps you overcome these challenges
  • Significance of the roles you ought to play as the practitioner, entrepreneur, and community member
  • What to do to bring your knowledge and experience to a new level

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