By popular demand, listen to the replay of the Genuine Fun: Make Your Stage Hypnosis Truly Memorable webinar with myself plus stage hypnotists Michael DeSchalit and Tommy Vee. This webinar received such fantastic comments and feedback that I wanted to share it with you!

Michael has been a stage hypnotist for 16 years, with high school students as his specialty market. Tommy, who grew up in a stage hypnosis family and has been coaching others on how to do stage hypnosis for 15 years with Michael. He also does stage presentations at events such as corporate, fairs, and weddings. Aside from the stage performances, Michael and Tommy are also both practicing clinical hypnotherapists.

Michael and Tommy join me today to share the benefits of being a stage hypnotist to their clinical practice, how to create genuine and memorable moments on stage, and the advantages of joining the upcoming 2018 Ultimate Stage hypnosis Conference to your growth and expansion of your network.

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“The show starts when the client first calls you to inquire about booking your show.” – Michael DeSchalit

  • Making your program memorable
  • Strategies to utilize before and after the show that opens doors for rebooking
  • How to set your show up for success
  • Mechanics that make the presentation genuine and surprising
  • Elevating your show from good to great
  • How to make a trick look spontaneous
  • Lessons learned from their first stage hypnosis show
  • How to have the “Wow!” appeal on your program
  • Working in a crowded market as a stage hypnotist
  • Tips for performing for an older audience
  • Why you should encourage your audience to take videos during your presentation

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