Thomas Safrin is a former law enforcement officer, instructor of NLP specific to the applications to that of a police officer, emergency responder, and other related fields. He is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has done hypnosis trainings relating to forensic, pain control, emergency hypnosis. He’s also an internationally recognized and respected law enforcement and security professional trainer and criminal justice professor.

Today, Thomas discusses the nuts and bolts of starting up a hypnosis office and seeing clients. He also shares how he utilizes different NLP techniques in his practice to work with law enforcement professionals and shares various tactics and strategies he uses with his clients.

“Sometimes it is more effective if we just don’t talk about hypnosis; they are more willing to talk to you.” – Thomas Safrin

  • His introduction into law enforcement, NLP, and hypnosis
  • Hypnotic connotations and the legalities of forensic hypnosis
  • Challenges in using and being aware of NLP on the scene
  • Strategies used in police interrogation
  • How using NLP in law enforcement overlaps into the role of the hypnotist
  • Thomas’s shift from formal education to startup
  • Key decisions he made that have contributed to his success
  • What is working now for bringing new people in

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