Richard Nongard is a Certified Professional Hypnotist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has authored books, videos, and professional education material and has used his 20 years of experience to train many professionals that come from extremely diverse fields.

On today’s episode, Richard and I discuss how to better serve your clients and how to better model the thinking of the pioneers of the hypnosis profession.  We also discuss how to better adapt our thinking to serve our businesses and grow our own success, and what sets an expert apart from the herd.

“Don’t get rid of what’s wrong, but utilize our strengths”- Dr. Richard Nongard

  • What sets an expert hypnotist apart from a good technician
  • How a live master class looks when following a positive psychology model
  • Richard’s recognition of his shift into expertise
  • The importance of having a meta theoretical approach
  • Modeling the thinking, not the work
  • Strategies to become more intuitive in hypnosis
  • The two things that hold people back
  • How to help clients immediately and at a deeper level
  • Specific tactics he uses with clients
  • How the modern hypnotist should be thinking about how they approach their work
  • How to utilize unexpected spare time
  • Where he sees his profession going

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