Paul shares his journey into stage hypnotism, his experiences and how they have influenced him, and his transition from stage hypnosis to clinical hypnosis.

Paul started his career as a Resident Hall Director at his Alma Mater before launching his successful hypnosis career. Even though Paul had been exposed to stage hypnotists for a good part of his life, he had never really pictured himself as one until the stage hypnotist he invited for his residents to watch offered to train him.

We also discuss the difference between growth mindset vs fixed mindset and innovation within the stage hypnosis industry he plans to discuss at The Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference.

“No matter what you do with people, you always give back to them somehow” – Paul Ramsay

  • His introduction into stage hypnotism
  • Why he loves doing what he does
  • His show creation process
  • Specific teaching moments that have had lasting impact
  • What has prepared him to work with clients on stage
  • The project he did with the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • The biggest challenge of the hypnosis profession
  • Softs skills of a hypnosis educator
  • Innovation within the stage hypnosis industry

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