Back from an incredible trip to the Chicago area, here is my keynote titled “Changing at the Speed of Thought” from the 2017 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. This was a great event reconnecting with friends, meeting new ones, and being honored to receive MAHC 2017 “Hypnotist of the Year” award.

In this presentation, I share that as a hypnosis practitioner, we don’t have to have all of the answers to what the client is coming in to address. There only has to be one expert in the room. Our job is to use hypnosis to get our clients to the right place, so they can make their discoveries themselves. Major life changes happen in an instant. I discuss how to make permanent changes instantaneously. Throughout life, big changes happen quickly. Small facts can unseat lifelong beliefs if given at the right moment with the right mindset.  As hypnosis professionals, we know that our clients can make positive changes within themselves if provided with the right circumstances.

“The goal is to get that permanent change, but do not ignore that instant gratification.” – Jason Linett

  • How mindsets have a lasting impact on change
  • Minimizing your standard first session pretalk
  • The power of reframing and its influence on mindset
  • The mindset of “everything is an asset”
  • Looking for magical moments when things change
  • Ways to effectively use hypnotic suggestion
  • Getting the foot in the door for change
  • Instilling confidence and being honest
  • Direct suggestion statements and their impact

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