Listen to this podcast session, and discover how being a horrible soccer player at six-years-old somehow led to a career helping professional athletes improve their mental game.

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Step inside of this live presentation called “NLP for Athletes” from my October 2017 presentation at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference. You will discover tested strategies such as “anchoring sandwich,” a method to consistently establish anchors at just the right time.

You will learn some of my backstory of working with athletes, the mindsets I bring into these sessions, and a live demonstration with an audience member. I explain the importance of being familiar with your client’s area of expertise and how to use relaxation as a tool in your hypnosis practice, but not the goal of the session.

“Hypnosis is not relaxation. Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility.” – Jason Linett

  • Experiences and mindsets when working with athletes
  • Modeling the excellence that is already inside clients
  • The professional vs. the weekend warrior
  • Live demonstration deconstruction and takeaways
  • Unpacking the language, and the significance of being unfamiliar with the client’s area of expertise
  • Relaxation as a tool of the hypnotist, not a goal of hypnosis
  • Using feedback as a guide for where to go next
  • The formula to illicit sub-modalities and leading appropriately
  • The power of expectation and its applicability

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