Anthony Jacquin is the founder of Jacquin Hypnosis Academy and author of Reality is Plastic, a book on what hypnosis is and how to use it effectively. He first learned about hypnosis through his father. His first sessions went well, and he became hooked using hypnosis to help people improve their lives. Since then, he has branched out into entertainment and training others to utilize hypnosis; while maintaining a successful hypnotherapy practice.

On today’s episode, Anthony explains the confidence that new hypnotists gain as they advance in their career, redefining hypnotic depth, and what the client experiences when they go through one of Anthony’s sessions. Anthony explains the disconnect between academics and hypnotists, shares his opinion on “breaking the mold,” and explains The Arrow Technique that was pioneered by his father.

“You will master your craft by limiting yourself to a handful of tools, at first” – Anthony Jacquin

  • Breaking down Anthony’s first sessions and analyzing how he was successful
  • The mindset Anthony brings into his sessions
  • His path to continue his training and hypnotic education
  • The capability of the client and how to adjust as needed
  • His session processes and how he arms himself for them
  • His post-session method and how it compares with others
  • Applications of The Arrow Technique
  • Where new hypnotists can find or generate confidence in their work

Resources Mentioned:

Training Trances by John Overdurf

Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler

The Trick Brain by DarielFitzkee

Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber

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Get “Thought Veil” by Jerome Finley:

From Anthony Jacquin:
“When I am asked what book do I consider to be the best hypnosis book I consistently refer people to ‘Thought Veil’ by Jerome Finley.

When it was released a few years back, I purchased one of the limited edition hardback copies for $595.00

It was the most expensive hypnosis purchase I have ever made outside of training courses. Despite this I believe the book has offered me far more value than that.

The author, Jerome Finley, is a vastly experienced hypnotist, therapist and mystery performer. He is also a qualified Sangoma in the Zulu tradition. The book has the feel of a life’s work about it. He visits pretty much every classic nugget of hypnosis and NLP and gives it his own spin. He shares tons of his original material including full scripting for his impromptu, parlous and stage work. He details loads of therapeutic tools. The book features dozens of contributions from his friends in the world of performance.

Two years ago Jerome was viciously attacked. The attack was unprovoked and the attacked did their best to kill Jerome, stamping on his head repeatedly, breaking his jaw and disfiguring his face badly. Some in the mentalism community rallied to help Jerome at this time.

Despite this, his recovery has taken time, medical bills have been high and frequent, and this has resulted in him suffering with acute anxiety. Because of this he has been unable to work and now finds himself at a very low-ebb. He has reached out to me for help and I am determined to do what I can.

With that in mind, I have asked him to make the ebook version of Thought Veil available for $50.00 for a limited time.

I will not profit from any sales but I will handle any orders of the book to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To get a copy all you need to do is send $50.00 using PayPal direct to [email protected]

Then send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot confirming that, and I will send the material to you by email the same day.”

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