Virtually step into the audience of my featured talk from the 2017 Canadian Hypnosis Conference, an event that took place in late October and was held in Burlington, Ontario. It was a phenomenal event and I am grateful to have been part of it.

This session is all about the hypnotic mindset. I discuss what our mindset is when we help our clients, and what it is when we want to move our lives forward. I also discuss the inspiration to change, the motivation to create success, and the drive to make our desired mindset the new normal.

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“We can do hypnosis, or we can be hypnotic in nature.” – Jason Linett

  • Mindset behind working with clients and being in their experiences
  • Mindsets of the client and how their situations change
  • What is state management and why it’s important
  • Buying into the premise that things don’t have to be the same way as before
  • Creating interesting content and continuing dialogue
  • Becoming appropriately obsessed with an idea and letting it become a mindset
  • What is the self-application mindset and how it can empower you

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