Randi Light is the founder of Enlightened Living Hypnosis, an outstanding speaker and presenter, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Transformation Specialist, Healer, and Mental Trainer. Randi serves the Greater Chicago area, Southwest Michigan, and Northwest Indiana and she shares her knowledge and processes all around the world through one-on-one Skype training. She has spent her life researching skills to help people break through entrenched self-limiting beliefs, and enjoys seeing people make breakthroughs.

On today’s episode, Randi and I discuss the nuances of her style of work, how she hypnotized friends in the eighth grade, and her professional transition into hypnosis. She also shares how she came up with her own systems and explains her processes and strategies when working with clients.

“I figured out along the way that I needed to build their confidence.” – Randi Light

  • What led her to begin practicing hypnotism
  • Realizations about beginning a hypnosis business
  • What makes her stand apart from other hypnotists
  • The educational mindset as a foundation for sessions
  • The four components of her sessions
  • Her approach to working with clients
  • Which clients she works with primarily and the variety of issues resolved
  • How teaching the client establishes compliance and strengthens results

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