Howard Cooper is a Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of NLP. He was an assistant on Paul McKenna’s and Richard Bandler’s training courses and also spent time as the main speaker on Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” Course. He continues to make regular appearances in the media as an expert on fears, or anxiety. He has worked with and trained people for 14 years in small and large groups.

On today’s episode, Howard and I discuss how and why change occurs quickly. We talk about how major life changes happen in an instant, and if our mind learns an issue that quickly, we can learn something else just as quickly.  There does not have to be a correlation between something that has been an issue and how quickly it can be resolved.

“The more you are able to perform and see yourself as a performer, the more your audience accepts their change.” – Howard Cooper

  • Howard’s background in magic, and his disillusionment with the field
  • His transition into hypnosis, and the changes he saw in himself
  • His early trainings and lessons he learned
  • Seeing the client as they are and having the full expectation that change is going to happen
  • The soft skills of a performer’s mindset
  • Howard’s process of working with his clients
  • Where hypnosis happens on a daily basis
  • Howard’s message of rapid change
  • The stigma against quick change and why people question its authenticity
  • How to deal with some changes ending too perfectly, and ensuring lasting change

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