Craig Siglis currently a mental trainer who works with coaches, athletes, performers, and those who want to use mental toughness for their personal lives. He also trains people how to hypnotically work with athletes and performers.

Craig Sigl is a former Fortune 500 manager and was an undersized athlete all his life. Surprised by the effectivity of something he was taught about playing golf, Craig eventually created a course called Break 80 Without Practice.

Craig joins me on today’s episode to share the systems he developed and techniques he uses to train his students to have mental toughness. He talks about actual training processes, nuances you need to know regarding working with an individual versus working with a team, as well as the most effective strategies and the mental blocks you need to be aware of when working on a specific sport.


  • How Craig came up with his first course on using the mind to play golf better
  • How he came across NLP and hypnosis
  • The formula for the “flow”
  • The problem that occurs when athletes are taught to achieve their goals
  • An important part of the journey that athletes lose in their yearning for perfection
  • How to break interference patterns
  • How he makes his workshops beneficial to both the bottom and top players
  • How to keep and retain clients
  • How he applies conversational hypnosis
  • How he teaches his students to be their own mental coach
  • The four-step mechanism he created as a result of asking what the essence of change is
  • How to teach a technique that’s a great strategy for getting compliance
  • His advice to hypnotists who want to work with athletes and performers

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