Heather Rodriguezpassionate about the work she does — helping others and promoting self-love. An entrepreneur at heart, she transitioned from her own catering business to pursue a career as a hypnotherapist.

Heather joins me from Regina in Canada to share how she took the leap from having a successful career in the restaurant industry to establishing herself as a hypnotherapist. She talks about how she gets clients from unique places by merely being genuine with people and engaging them in conversations. She also shares what motivated her to leave to start something new and to start training others about her passion.

“I let hypnotherapy speak for itself because I know the value of it and I know what it can do.” – Heather Rodriguez

  • How Heather became interested in hypnosis
  • What it is about hypnosis that made it life-changing for her
  • Steps she took to launch her new career
  • How she gets clients from unlikely situations
  • Elements that bridge the gap in conversations
  • How she was able to do hypnotherapy full-time
  • Components that make up a natural-born entrepreneur
  • What keeps the wheel of momentum spinning that keeps attracting more clients
  • What her category of interest is in hypnosis
  • Her go-to strategies when overcoming client blocks
  • Why she teaches her clients about the subconscious mind
  • Specific techniques she uses to build independence in her clients
  • The belief system she used to have that has dramatically changed after learning more about hypnotherapy

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