Originally from Spain, Igor Ledochowski moved to and grew up in London and eventually acquired a law degree. He was working at one of the leading law firms in the UK for several years before switching careers and pursuing hypnosis full time. Today, he is a Master Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Trainer, bestselling author of hypnosis books, and the founder of Hypnosis Training Academy where he pursues his interest in hypnosis for everyday life and a true pioneer of changing models, setting benchmarks, and taking hypnosis to a larger audience in a fresh new way.

Igor joins me on this episode to share his first encounter with hypnosis as a four-year-old boy and the turning point that led him back to hypnosis from his legal career. He talks about how he learned hypnosis on his own and the calibration of his hypnotic journey – from magic to fitness to silence in the hypnotic process.

“We’re not so much as magicians exuding a force on the world — we’re more inventors tinkering with a mechanism until it’s working better.” – Igor Ledochowski

  • The course he wished he pursued in the university that’s closest to hypnosis
  • Why he used to believe that hypnosis was magic
  • Difference between self-delusion and self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Why people avoid dreaming big
  • The big thing delusional people don’t do
  • The difference between pretending in a successful way and pretending in a delusional way
  • Guessing vs knowing the next step to take
  • The value of observation in knowing when to stay silent in hypnosis
  • The point of indirect method and how silence plays a vital role in it
  • Why he prefers to have high level problems over low level problems
  • Remedial change vs. generative change
  • The power of an idea that drives someone into generative change
  • The mindset of being in the moment with the client

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