Kaz Riley is the founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis, an avenue for people who seeking help for their psycho-sexual concerns to experience sexual freedom. Kaz has been a full-time hypnotist for 16 years and mentors students in 17 different countries across the globe. Her three specialties include sexual freedom hypnosis, fertility hypnosis, and hypnobirthing.

Kaz joins me today to share how she utilizes the skills she learned in pharmaceutical sales to grow her hypnosis business. She also discusses how she communicates and builds rapport with her clients so that they are more comfortable to talk about sex, making it easier for her to demystify their sexual concern. She shares how she is still wowed every day at how fantastic hypnosis is and that remembering why we do what we do is the key to any good session and, ultimately, any good hypnosis practice.

”Sexual freedom is really about people getting rid of guilt and shame and things around sex.” – Kaz Riley

  • How she discovered she wanted to become a hypnotist
  • Why her sales experience was a good training ground for starting her business
  • What the Principle “People Buy People First” is
  • Being the vendor versus bringing value to the client
  • Why she’s very grateful to hypnosis
  • The inspiring story of the client with dental phobia
  • Techniques she uses to speak directly to her client’s unconscious
  • Her time allocation for seeing clients and conducting training
  • Her epiphanies, insights, and realizations about hypnosis over the years of being there with the client

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