How do you maximize your time and energy to accomplish many tasks throughout your day while maintaining your hypnosis practice and seeing multiple clients? This is a question I receive often from other hypnotist and professionals.

Today, I want to share my number one secret on how I’ve been able to handle many projects at once for my hypnosis practice. I’ll also share the mindset you need to be able to accomplish the big goals you have for your business as well as some simple strategies and techniques that can help you begin outsourcing various administrative tasks to allow you to spend more time helping your clients.

“If you think you can’t afford to outsource, in my experience, you can’t afford not to.” – Jason Linett

  • Hiring locally and internationally
  • The benefits and drawbacks of hiring full-time
  • The importance of taking time to train new hires
  • The benefits of starting with small, micro-tasks before hiring full-time
  • Modeling ideas from the inspiration of other professionals in other industries

5 Tips to Master Hypnotic Outsourcing:

  1. Go where the outsourcers hang out
  2. Start with a micro-task
  3. Design the user experience
  4. “Make me one like this”
  5. Build a relationship

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