Tim Horn joins me today to share how he utilizes his learning and experiences from his varied background in his hypnosis practice. He shares some interesting insights on how the theatrical thinking impacted his work with his clients and how his experience as a professional educator influenced his mindset on how to help clients be in that collaborative moment to produce their desired change.

Tim has a background in sales, a Ph.D in theater, and extensive experience as an actor and teacher. He is a trainer of the Simpson Protocol, runs a thriving hypnosis training center in Manassas, Virginia, and has been a hypnotist for 25 years and running.

”Intention is really important in any kind of change work.” – Tim Horn

  • What’s unique about learning self-hypnosis and teaching it
  • The turning point that led Tim to pursue hypnosis full-time
  • Real connections between what happens in theater and hypnosis
  • Elements he ensures are present to build his baseline
  • Why he often uses the Simpson Protocol
  • His objective every time a client walks in his office
  • How he utilizes and combines different techniques when dealing with clients
  • What he does to bring people into his office
  • How conventions and meet-up groups help hypnotists
  • Lessons that came from teaching that influenced his hypnosis sessions
  • Why it’s essential for hypnotists to be hypnotized by people
  • How you create a new normal
  • What the Simpson Protocol is

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